Brian Howard – A Man And His Sandwich

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Brian Howard’s new country ham French roll at Comme Ça might be the last word in ham sandwiches: Alan Benton country ham, pressed between a fresh, soft (but not too soft) squishy bun, layered with watercress, house-made mustard fruits and oozing brie cheese — it’s hard to imagine a sandwich being a more balanced amalgam of dough, yeast, sweet, savory, creamy and salty sensations.

It costs $16.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


BTW: they also do a nice, gooey, Gruyere cheese omelet here, and Howard also does a nice, food-nerdy/gooey food porn blog at

1 thought on “Brian Howard – A Man And His Sandwich

  1. I feel I should pass along a word of warning about Comme Ca. In March I had reservations there for my wife’s birthday. The day of the dinner, I received a call from the restaurant. At first I thought they were calling to confirm the reservation – pretty classy. But no. A “large group” had just booked. The group required most of the restaurant. Would I be willing to move my dinner to a different day? “No.” I said. “I can’t move my wife’s birthday to a different day.” Profuse apologies followed, but they were very sorry, they had to bump us.

    Now I can handle bad news just fine. If a water main broke, that’s life. If they accidentally overbooked the room, and I’m the last name on the list, I understand. It happens. But a “large group” “just booked”? And they need my table? This means my reservation wasn’t something to be honored. It was provisional. Probational. It was contingent on nobody more desirable showing up.

    Is this standard practice but I’ve just never encountered it before? Shouldn’t Comme Ca tell you when you call to reserve that you should cross your fingers that no high-end groups materialize that day? Based on the praise for this place (most notably from here) I was excited to try it out. But great sandwiches or no, I’ll save my business for restaurants where I don’t have to book on standby, and I recommend others do too.

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