Graeter’s is Graet

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The Cincinnati ice cream legend is here, still made two gallons at a time, in French pots, just like it was in 1870 when the company was founded by Louis Graeter.

For the uninitiated, Graeter’s legendary status has been confined to the Midwest, Texas and Colorado, until recently, when the company underwent a coast to coast expansion that, lucky for Las Vegans, includes our humble burg.

In doing so, it hopes to compete with Haagen-Daz and Ben & Jerry’s — two companies whose marketing muscle it can’t match — but against whom it more than holds its own, with a natural, artisanal intensity to its ice creams that you can taste.

If you’re a chocolate chip lover, you’ll love their version, made by pouring liquid hot chocolate into the cream just as it is finishing. The result is chips ranging from the size of a peanut to the size of a ping pong ball…making us chocolate chip lovers think we’ve died and gone to heaven.

Graeter’s is now available in all Smith’s supermarkets in Las Vegas.

Now, if someone would just open up a Skyline Chili parlor, ELV’s staff would be in hog heaven.

In case you need any further inspiration to go out and buy some of the best ice cream in the country, we give you this little ditty from 1927.* Take it away Fred Waring**…

* Who says ELV doesn’t have great taste in music?

** Fun food fact: Fred Waring (of Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians fame) was also the man behind the Waring Blendor.

3 thoughts on “Graeter’s is Graet

  1. John – Thanks for the heads up! I grew up in Cincy and have had my family ship me Greaters, as well as canned Skyline and Montgomery Inn barbecue sauce for years. Now I can get the hardest item to ship here in town!

  2. Native Cincinnatian here also. I make my Skyline from mixes or from “Egg and I” or “Egg works”.

    Having Greater’s here is awesome!

    Now I just need real White Castle Sliders.

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