BRATALIAN – More Tasty Snaps

ELV note: In anticipation of our review of Bratalian, coming up Thursday in the Las Vegas Weekly (, we thought some of our (slightly amateurish) tasty snaps would whet your appetite for the much better ones (and ELV’s lip smacking prose) that will appear in the ‘zine.

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10740 S. Eastern Ave. #155

Henderson, NV 89052


6 thoughts on “BRATALIAN – More Tasty Snaps

  1. The food looks pretty homey for the prices. This place gots no chance charging that much money for that style of food. $12.50 fried calamari? $24 mushroom risotto?

    Homestyle, Italian cooking, off the strip… at strip, fine dining prices!

    Good luck.

  2. Fair good AMERICAN Italian fare…as far as prices, we are all used to Vegas…as far as Neapolitan, better do not let Neapolitan knows…but is a good thing that for once they didn’t call it Tuscan….

  3. I concur JC…went there Sun nite, loved it, and the place was packed…when will people understand that you may have to shell out a few extra bucks for better quality?…Bratalian is a stones throw away and hence is now a neighborhood gem.

  4. They use the same damned frozen calamari and shrimp as most everyone else, guaranteed.

    If they can get away with a 15% food cost in a neighborhood strip mall with a build-out and plateware that looks like it cost around 10 g’s and a trip to the thrift store, then good for them.

    If you like the grub and don’t mind shelling out the dough, then good for you (and for them).

    Mr. Curt-ass, you really zinged me with that “Sysco’s Finest” insult! I have dared to question the menu pricing one of the great sycophantic scumbag’s pet chefs! I must be some sort of sysco-eating philistine!

  5. I agree with huh, this place is a joke. Same 16/25 shrimp that Pacific seafood or lobster supreme is selling to everyone. Hell sysco has that too. Not sure who has the best pricing though, but its all grown in the same southeast asian shrimp farms treated with bleach to hide the smell of its decomposed body underneath that hot sun.
    Its the same food you get a pasta shop, tuscany grill, bootlegger, carrabbas, gaetanos. Its just a choice as to where you want to blow 100+ bucks, locally?

    And J “the food jesus” C to las vegas, wants to give hype to this shit like its something new. Paaaaleeze. Why did this chef take this step in this direction and why the hell is this food so “the same”.

    Naples style food, Carla Pellegrino probably never been to Naples or tasted true Campania Buffalo Motz. Wheres the Pizza?!!!

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