DUE FORNI is coming due

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Two ovens, plus two seasoned professionals (one with Italian cooking chops in his veins, the other with serious front of the house experience)….yeah, we’re predicting Due Forni (DO-ay Forn-ee – “two ovens”) is going to be a hit right out of the chute.

Why you ask?


> Carlos Buscaglia, formerly of Fiamma in the MGM, is one helluva Italian chef.

> Alex Taylor, last seen at Encore, is one helluva smart front-of-the-house dude (and another in a long line of quality folks Wynn/Encore has lost over the past three years).

> The area it is located in is…er…uh…restaurant challenged to say the least.

> Plus, there’s a lot of hungry office folk in the area.

> The design is a nice blend of hot and cool tones, being both homey and cutting edge, and should appeal to hipsters and stroller-pushers alike.

> Three words: good, affordable, wine.

> The ovens are cutting edge.

> The menu will be simple.

> And ingredient-driven.

And the one, big reason Due Forni will be one cool place with two hot ovens:

> Pizza! (2 basic kinds with various toppings: Roman — with a thin, cracker-like crust, and the more common, Neapolitan variety)

Opening soon — Tuesday, February 8, 2011.


3555 South Town Center Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89135


7 thoughts on “DUE FORNI is coming due

  1. Carlos is great, but it’s Alex that creates that warm, friendly service that makes you want to go back again and again. Every restaurant he’s ever run wad always incredible !

  2. Carlos is an amazing chef……..can’t wait to visit Due Forni, actually counting the days!!!

  3. Carlos is a great chef and Alex is an incredible operator, but I heard that Bill Rochenberg is a prick.

  4. I wish them luck! Good location, they should do great. I usually wouldn’t second guess Alex but what is with that Tom Brady haircut?

  5. Last I checked, Tom Brady was a stone fox.

    This team is going to be unstoppable.
    Oh, and Bill, you obviously have never worked for Alex Taylor.
    Don’t be salty balls on the world wide web.

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