This Just In – ALEX to Close Jan. 15…and Stephen Hopcraft is alive and well at STK!

The Las Vegas Weekly is reporting that ALEX — the Michelin 2-star, grand dame deluxe restaurant helmed by über-chef Alex Stratta at the Wynn — will serve its final foie gras and beatific bites of Stratta’s Franco-Italian delights on January 15.

In keeping with Wynn/Encore’s slow, steady dismantling of whatever gourmet food/restaurant reputation it sought to create and trade upon when it opened in 2005, ELV expects the space to be turned into a steakhouse.

In other news, ELV was informed last night that Stephen Hopcraft, former top toque at Sea Blue, and a recent contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef, has left is at the stoves at STK, less than a month after it opened in The Cosmo. (Duh!) To which ELV can only remark: There goes We’re glad he’s around to soon read the glowing review we were about to give it/him… and as for all of those who gave us bad info on his whereabouts… WTF!?

In additional other news, there’s been a management shake up at Milos in The Cosmo, and super-sommelier Chris Janz is now running the front of the house as G.M.. To which ELV can only say : Ay, chihuahua!

Geez Louise! ELV takes half a day off and the whole world goes to hell in a hand basket.

15 thoughts on “This Just In – ALEX to Close Jan. 15…and Stephen Hopcraft is alive and well at STK!

  1. Actually, Nikki at told me yesterday that Alex will turn into a private party venue. Sigh. I’ve never before been so irritated before at seeing a casino become a “celebrity party palace”. I guess there’s a first for everything.

  2. Sad day for those loyal to the Wynn brand when in Vegas. Considering the millions that seem to be constantly spent in updating those two properties its hard to believe it was strictly about the money. Alex had some of the best chefs and FOH staff in Vegas and I hope they get to keep their jobs at other places on property . I was forced to eat at Stratta a few weeks ago as it was the only place open at Wynncore after midnight on a Wed. The pricey burger I had wasn’t nearly of the caliber of Society or Tablou nor the staff as polished. It was also filled with clubbers from XS and is one of the dreariest dinning spaces at wynn . I cant imagine Alex Stratta sticking around to run that place full time without a major menu/decor change. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I watch TopChef….Lets just say Stephen Hopcraft didnt get many kudos on the show from the judges.

  4. Preach it Jrfergs! And atdleft, I hope that is actually the case for Alex. At the very least that will prevent it from shuttering it’s doors completely and getting ripped apart. :( The Wynn head honchos need to see the publicity this is getting them.

  5. My mistake- you meant that they were tearing down the restaurant for convention space, which is exactly their plan. Not keeping the restaurant for private functions…

  6. @ EC Gladstone: There seem to be plenty of other patrons dining with you. What’s the big idea Wynn?! What’s the REAL reason for closing this restaurant?

  7. From what I always understood, Mr. Wynn always supported Alex during his
    “problems”. Perhaps the relationship soured. I hope Alex is ok healthwise.Anyone know?

  8. My true opinion is the sudden closing of the restaurant is about $$$, but NOT because the Wynn/Encore’s well-heeled customers don’t want to eat big deal meals there anymore.

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