LUCILLE’S – Please Go Back Where You Belong

All rock and roll is is white people trying to sing like black people:


And when white people try to cook barbecue like black people, you get Lucille’s:

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Gotta love the leg lamp, though.

Our lunch for two came to $40, and we left a $10 tip because the collards were good, and our waitron was great.


In The District (the “District” of what, we’ve never been able to fathom)

2245 Village Walk Drive

Henderson, NV 89052


* Little Richard Penniman – The King (and Queen) of Rock and Roll.

10 thoughts on “LUCILLE’S – Please Go Back Where You Belong

  1. When my wife and I moved to Henderson from Houston TX 6 years ago, we had two goals – find a good BBQ joint, and find a good Mexican restaurant. We’ve succeeded with the BBQ but not the Mexican yet, a hybrid between Chevy’s & Lindo would be damn close, but no cigar.

    Lucille’s was the first BBQ place ‘people’ recommended. It.was.HORRIBLE.
    I usually give places a 2nd try just in case the first time was a fluke, but there’s no damn way I was going to give them a 2nd try when it was that bad the first time. I haven’t been back since.

    I tried a Texas BBQ joint on Sahara by the Burlington coat factory, which was ok, but still far from Texas roots.
    We finally ended up going back and forth between Famous Dave’s & Memphis BBQ for a few years, yet I still had to make a mad dash straight to a BBQ joint every Christmas I went home to see our parents/in-laws.

    Our savior has been Dickey’s BBQ on LV Blvd at the discount/outlet mall on Warm Springs that opened up mid/end of 2010. They still need a good dessert there, but they’re BBQ is exactly what I grew up eating in Texas. I’d like boiled peanuts though Mr. Dickey…

    For the first time since we’ve moved to Vegas, we didn’t go straight to a BBQ joint after landing at the Houston airport this past Christmas. In fact, I had no craving to go to one the whole trip, of course, because we had a good one back home.

    Now if only Casa Ole would open a place in Vegas…….


  2. So is this just a filler review or is meant to be taken serious. I wonder when you will stop reviewing shlopped out factory food. Probably never; you really dont review food for texture/flavor, technique, preperation and all great things culinarian.

    I wonder, how can someone really appreciate or critique cuisine at Robuchon, Twist, RM or any of the fine flavor and technique machines in Vegas when you can actually still palate the garbage above.

    Its more about eating. Its more about great places to get calories when the weather is cold.

    And to the guy that wants a cross breed of chevys and lindo – THATS SO WHITE. Why dont you just go to Mesa grill.

  3. Which is exactly why I grill and smoke my own. I am not happy with the BBQ either, although I must say that about 8 years ago, Lucille “wasn’t bad.” After about the third visit, however, something started to happen and my last visit was in 2004. Typical story – restaurant starts out great but after a little success starts to cut corners.

  4. Try Harry O’s on LVBLVD and Oakey. We only tried hot links and ribs, but both were tasty.

  5. Sadly, after four attempts, I have not had one decent meal at Lucille’s. I do not understand how it is still even in business.

  6. You gotta try Buzz BBQ (on Trop. in the SW at Teepee near Ft. Apache, or original location on Craig.)

    Been to Austin and Lockhart Texas, this is as close as i’ve found.

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