JALEO is Sick!

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For the uninitiated, “sick” is chefspeak for outrageous, 0ff the hook, mesmeric, ethereal, celestial, canonical and/or mind-blowing.

In other words, it’s pretty cool.

Which pretty much sums up what José Andrés and crew are doing right now at their paella pit — a cylindrical fireplace in which individual wood* fires are built underneath huge paella pans — simmering and smoking this Catalonian classic, just like they do in the old country.

There’s nothing like in Vegas….or anywhere else in America for that matter….and the whole operation has to be seen to be believed.

And since ELV’s tasty snaps are often the same way, we thought we’d post these in advance of our full rundown/review.

That may take a little while, though, because we’ve been a little busy.


In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



* Andrés tells us all the wood is local and purchased from a wood purveyor/broker near Nellis AFB. ELV didn’t know there were such things as “wood brokers.”

5 thoughts on “JALEO is Sick!

  1. Good to know the wood is locally sourced, but is it certified organic and only seasonally harvested.

  2. And thus did the word “sick” jump the shark.

    Time to find a new word to refer to something astoundingly cool. I’m going to push “crescent fresh” into the lexicon.

  3. The current issue of Robb Report features an article about Jose’ and the “secret” restaurant inside Jaleo “E”. He talks about how it is a labor of love and only about food not profitability and will focus on true Spanish flavors. Seems very interesting and similar to his concept in DC that was featured on 60 min. I’ll certainly try it next time I’m out if I can. Curious since this is one of the first mentions of it in the press… has anyone out there tried it? Does it deserve the high terrff that I’m sure they charge? I ate at the chefs table at Charlie Trotters place at Pallazo years back and it was worth it, not mind blowing food but an excellent experience overall .

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