Hot Diggity Dogs

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Hot Dog Heaven, in Henderson, needs a new sign. Or at least a sign painter.

But what it doesn’t need to improve is its classic Chicago dog on a soft, squishy bun with hot peppers, pickles and radioactive relish.

Its bigger, thicker Polish cousin — with nicely grilled, thick onions — was pretty good too, but we found ourselves wolfing down the all-beef, Vienna skinnier dog first.

It was quite an al fresco lunch on quite an al fresco day in Henderson (72 degrees, in January?), and it made us think of Al Capone, Alvin Karpus, Allan Richman, Al Gore and Al DeRogatis, while this song played in our head. Go figure.


Our two-dog lunch came to $7.17 and we left a $1.78 tip.


(Somewhere in Henderson)

2 thoughts on “Hot Diggity Dogs

  1. absolutley not!!!! they need not touch a thing here!!
    the rag-ged sign, surely employees and great food is what makes this place one of the best bites in town
    i highly recommend it, just make sure you have singles!

  2. A long time ago in a hot dog post far far away… you mentioned a couple good hot dog stands. One outside of the Costco on MLK and one outside the Lowe’s on W Charleston… Any idea if those are still around?

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