CARNEGIE’S Crazy Good Pastrami and Plastic Slaw

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We at ELV know from good pastrami. We’ve been chowing down on it since we were knee high to a yarmulke.

Think of pastrami as corned beef with a higher education. We heart corned beef, of course, but once you coat it with pepper and then smoke it, something other-worldly happens — it turns into the best sandwich meat on the planet.

As we’ve said before, the best corned beef in America is at Langer’s in L.A.. It’s so peppery and smoky and rich-yet-non-fatty that we never go to SoCal without stopping by (despite its sketchy neighborhood) for a pound or two to bring back to the high desert for later consumption.

When cravings hit closer to home, only the Carnegie Deli in the Mirage comes close to crafting a conspicuously covet-worthy creation.

Carnegie’s pastrami is not done on premises. In fact, almost none of its food is made anywhere close to Las Vegas. Most of its products are made in its commissary in New Jersey and shipped here….including a superb cheesecake and various other items New York fressers have come to know and love.

But that doesn’t stop them from being real good. The swiss cheese is strong and nutty, the bread invariably soft and fresh, and the cole slaw sweet and tangy…even if an occasional unwarranted visitor pops up in the mix.

Forgivable? We think so. Especially since we harbor no illusions that this food stuff came from anywhere but a plastic bag.

And the taste of that pastrami can cure a lot of sins…

Our lunch for three that was enough for five came to $56.


In the Mirage Hotel and Casino

3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109-8923


4 thoughts on “CARNEGIE’S Crazy Good Pastrami and Plastic Slaw

  1. I’m glad you got a Carnegie Deli in Vegas.
    There’s nothing quite like finishing shows at the comedy clubs here in NYC … Then stopping by Carnegie Deli in midtown for a huge sandwich.

    Let me know when ur here.
    I’m joining the Friars Club.
    We can go there for dinner.

  2. My dear friend,
    Phrases like “the best xxx in America” drive me nuts. Have you had pastrami in Skokie? Done all the spots in Chicago? Cincy and Cleveland? Florida, even? And what’s your take on Montreal and Toronto (unless you don’t include those serious deli cities in “America”).
    Yes, Langer’s is good. It’s also different than most pastrami. So “best” is tricky if you’re a traditionalist. Anyway, I blathered about this myself a few months ago on my own blog…

    Carnegie Vegas’ pastrami is not crazy good. It’s acceptable. Not bad. Just fine. But not crazy good. The bread is the same (I will say the bread at Langer’s from Bea’s in Tarzana, is pretty much the best rye I’ve ever had). Meaningless matzoh ball soup, gamy liver, but good pickles.
    Now, the Friar’s in Beverly Hills, they used to make some *great* pastrami. You don’t front on Uncle Milty.

  3. ELV responds:
    Pastrami all over Chicago? Yes. Kaufmann’s? Yes.
    All over New York? Double Yes. Katz’s et al? Yes.
    All over SoCal AND Florida’s famous places? Triple Yes.
    Cincinnati and Cleveland? Who the *&*)$# cares?
    Langer’s is the best pastrami in America.

    Don’t mess with the Zohan. ;-}

  4. I grew up in Cleveland practically living in my local Jewish Deli’s. I now try to only eat 2 pastramis. Langers when I go to LA, and the ones I smoke myself. LV is a wasteland to those of us who know what a true deli is.

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