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Ever since Namaste lost its chef and changed owners, we’ve been searching for an Indian restaurant that can excite the spice lover in us, anytime we don’t feel like trekking to Origin India. (In other words, a Indian that’s closer to ELV’s humble abode.)

India Palace, and old reliable in a bad neighborhood, has spruced itself up in the past year, and every time we’re there (which has been twice recently) the place has been crawling with Indians. (No, not those Indians, these Indians!)

If natives and émigrés from the sub-continent love this place, who are we to argue? And if goat curry in any indication (and we think it is), the food here has a deep, rich, warming heat that demonstrates all the spicy subtlety of this fascinating food. Likewise, the saag paneer (spinach with fresh cheese) and chutneys and yellow lentil (dal ) soup and creamy cauliflower all reminded us that, should we ever be forced into vegetarianism, Indian is the way to go.

They also make one of the better mango lassis here, served in cooling cooper cups, that’s just the thing for taking away some of the residual heat that lingers long after your chewing has ended.

The meal for two shown above came to $58 (including a $10 tip), with plenty of leftovers.


505 East Twain Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89169


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  1. So is Namaste no longer worth going to? Had a great meal there back in August, but saw that big changes were coming…I guess owners/chef is a big change. Glad I got to try it.

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