This Little Piggy…

This little piggy went to market, got slaughtered, then was turned into a delicious roast porchetta by Valentino chef Luciano Pellegrini at the Epicurean Affair at the Palazzo (for ELV’s and other’s delectation), and thus deserves a place of honor on this website:

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Btw: As an aside, it should be noted that the spread and variety of vittles put out by Pellegrini at all of these Epicurean (and other) charity events far surpasses the provisions provided by other participants. As to what ELV is doing standing with Vintner Grill GM Peter Varela and three topless ladies in tasty snap #2, all we can say is it wasn’t our idea and we tried not to look…but not very hard.

5 thoughts on “This Little Piggy…

  1. The Piggy was delicious. The snails wrapped in guanciale that accompanied little piggy were also quite tasty. It rated as the #1 dish on my list.

    Varela and ELV aren’t being totally honest. Somebody had the idea and it didn’t take much encouragement. I know, I was there. I just couldn’t take the photo because my hands were a bit shaky. Somebody else had to take the photo. I just watched………..

  2. After tasting the vittles Chef Pellegrini was turning out at the Uncork’d Grand Tasting in May (a past dish with veal metaballs), Valention went high on my list of places to try on a future trip to Las Vegas. After reading about his creations for Epicurean Affair, it goes even higher on the list. Good thing I’ll be back in Las Vegas in a month.

  3. The strange thing is that Chef Pelligrini serves great food at these events, but when we go to the restaurant anymore, the food is bleh… I used to eat at Valentino every time I came to Vegas and the food was great, however, something changed a few years ago. The menu looks the same, but the food tastes like someone else is cooking and or overseeing it. The food now is a dim image of what it was. Is Chef Pelligrini in house anymore or is he a consultant for the restaurant?

  4. I have to agree. If Chef Pelligrini, who is probably one of the most talented chefs I have come across, decided to move this restaurant back to a world class dining experience he easily could. He just has to be more hands on and upgrade the line cooks translating his culinary poetry. I truly want to support this establishment as I’ve had countless fantastic meals here in the past. Further, this restaurant definitely has the potential, they just need to reduplicate what they were doing the first five years they were open. I’ll admit, I haven’t been in there for about a year, maybe what I’ve stated above is moot has already hopefully taken place. However, that piggy sure looks good so I think I’ll pay Chef a visit.

  5. Chef Pellegrini is indeed in the restaurant five nights a week, on average, and oversees each dish that goes out when he’s there. If you are dining out front in the Grill it’s a very different experience than when dining in back. Two different menus, two different dining experiences. When you go ask to speak with Chef. If he’s in the house that night he’s more than happy to come to the table and discuss the items, and cook off menu if that is what you are looking for. Truly one of the great chefs in Vegas.

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