MARCHE BACCHUS Ups Its Game…as ELV Gets Ignored (sigh)

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Truth be told, we told our lunch companion/interview subject (Jennifer Curland of Bon Breads) to meet us at Marche Bacchus because we thought some good Burgundy would be just the thing to enhance the experience of watching her talk into her cell phone for the entire meal.

Jennifer is like that. Always working, always ignoring ELV.

But since she does so in the interest of bringing superior sourdough to the restaurants of Las Vegas, we can forgive her her sins.

With no one to talk to, we suddenly found ourselves concentrating on the food. And the reason he did so was because, suddenly, it seemed a notch or two above what we’ve had here recently.

The marinated veal loin came atop a toasted Bon Bread baguette, and was dressed with an intense aioli and had a nice, pepper-y kick; the pumpkin soup was rich with the flavor of its main ingredient, and the mussel broth seemed more fragrant than usual. And those addictive bricks of chocolate were as decadent as ever.

In fact the food was so distractingly good, we forgot we were being ignored by a pretty girl.

By now, you’d think ELV would get used to these things…


2620 Regatta Drive.

Las Vegas, NV89128


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