HABIB’S Has Moved

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Habib’s, the venerable Persian place — formerly located inside the (formerly nice, now downtrodden) shopping center at the northeast corner of Decatur and Sahara — has moved catty corner across the boulevard to the old Red Robin building on the southwest corner.

Habib has done a complete renovation of the space, relocated his market there as well, and put in a nice bar, and lots of spiffy booths and tables.

How in the @#$%^^% he’s gonna fill the joint is anybody’s guess.

His tabouli is still first rate — bright and lemony — as are the chelo koobideh kebabs — good ground filet and onions, seasoned just so. But his borani was just a mush of eggplant with nothing else to accent it, and our bread (all of it) was stale.

As in dry, and cracker-like. Without freshness. Totally, utterly lacking in moisture.

Whassup with that Habib?

We at ELV want to send many caravans of customers to your doors. And wish you a thousand hookahs of good luck in your new endeavor. But paltry pita puts ELV to peckish palavering.

Still, we’ll return once Habib gets his sea legs(?).

Because his tabouli is terrific, and because anyone can have an off day.


2575 South Decatur Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102