What Happened to HEDARY’S?

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Eating Las Vegas would like to know: What happened to Hedary’s?

We’ve eaten here at least twenty times over the years, have loved it, and have never had a plate of food served to us as sloppy as theĀ  one pictured above.

That sujuk was as tough and unappealing to bite into as the picture indicates.

Although to be fair, the tabouli was good (but can it ever be bad?), and our dining companion loved her lamb kabobs.

But come on! Neither dish was really of restaurant quality, the pita bread was puffy but cold and stale, and the overtaxed service and overall vibe of the place made ELV think something was amiss with the ownership and/or the kitchen.

Any information from our intrepid readers would be appreciated, but for the time being, wethinks this place is missing something, and sadly, can no longer recommend it.


7365 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117-2718



7 thoughts on “What Happened to HEDARY’S?

  1. this does not sound good, will for get to work on this, i will be calling my brother in Vegas and get to bottom of this, for sure we owe a free replacement dinner and hope that it will be the best ever, and i’ll be back here with an update as to what is going on.

  2. Whats the deal with being closed all the time too?? We went for lunch a couple of times and the doors were closed?

  3. We love Hedary’s John and have been there too many times to count. The food is consistent, the staff is great- especially Svetlana and Velina- the pita is the best in town, the gyro is tops.

    Yes we have been worried a few times when we have driven up and seen a little sign that it is closed at times when it should normally be open. I know it is a small family run operation but that is part of what makes it great.

    Every restaurant has an off day once in a while. We have never had your experience and never had a bad meal. Must have been a fluke.

  4. Dumping on a place for having 1 bad plate in 20 visits seems a bit harsh. Perhaps a second visit should have been made before you brought clever down.

  5. Well I am going to have to disagree with Mr. Curtas and this is the first time I have. I have enjoyed his reviews many times on Channel 8. I have never had a bad dish at Hedary’s. I must make a point to revisit soon to make sure things are as I remember.

  6. Was there for lunch today. Hummus was just as remembered. Server said a couple of servers had been recently fired. She was new. If you consider her short tenure, you could excuse service gaffes. But, the Greek salad with gyro meat was all salad and very disappointing portion of gyro meat considering the $4 upcharge on the already $9 plate of iceberg, purple onions and feta. It used to be that you could finish for dinner what was started for lunch. I actually asked waitress if ownership had changed.

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