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New York City Pizza

Tomato and cheese pie

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From John's of Bleecker Street

What is it that makes New York pizza so special?*

We think it’s the thin-yet-still-chewy crust;

The yeastiness of the dough;

The light and bubbly char on that cooked dough;

And the proper proportion of cheese (not too much) to fresh, sweet tomato sauce barely enough to cover the center of the dough.

Look at the tasty snaps and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

An elegantly simple pie from John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street in New York City, which has been turning out superior pies, in this same location, since 1929.

Not the gussied up, crazily creative pizzas that have taken the nation (but not Vegas) by storm. Just a simple, coal-fired, brick oven pizza that is a shining example of why this Italian snack got so popular in the first place.

* As much as ELV loves classic New York pizza, he has maintained for years (and recently was interviewed by the Food Network about this), that the pizza capital of the United States is New Haven, CT. Not all of New Haven mind you, just a three block long stretch of Wooster Street where you’ll find the best pizza in the universe.

Uncle Alan Richman, of course, has other ideas.

6 Responses to New York City Pizza

  • Having grown up in Southern CT, I’ve come to realize I have some authority in this department I never anticipated. Pizza in NY/CT and yes, NJ is so generally strong that one ought to just stop looking for it anywhere else.

    Though the three contenders of Vegas all have their merits (Anthony’s, Settebello and Grimaldi’s) I haven’t been won over by any of them, honestly. I think Stratta’s pies in Wynn are underrated, but I’ll also admit I haven’t done a full survey of Vegas pie. I couldn’t stand that amount of disappointment (not to mention carbo-loading).

    As for LA, Mr. Richman is certainly right about one place: Tomato Pie Pizza Joint (#7). It’s as close to NY pizza as I’ve had on the west coast. Vito’s on LaCienega, shockingly, is also a very good NY Style pie. My local, Casa Bianca, is a fun curiosity, but it’s not NY style.

    Now I’m yearning for the homeland!

  • 3 guys from the Jersey Shore, Carlittos (3 locations), John’s pizza by the slice (across from Hofbrau House)…as New York as you will find. Settebello’s is great, but not trying to be New York.

  • now i am craving pizza! I need to make a trip to new haven for some ELV Pizza recommendations…

  • Angry Pizza enjoyed your review!

  • Growing up in lovely ( not really) Brigdeport, CT, although we had our own great local places, would always get on the 95 and go 10 minutes away to Pepes and Modern, and always end up arguing which was the best. FYi, Peps now has an outpost in Fairfield, CT, which is constantly packed. I think the Cosmopolitan should get rid of their STK franchise, how may more of these do we need ??!!,,, and call the peeps at Pepes or Modern instead.

  • Couldn’t agree more! Enough with the upscale steak houses….yawn…

    When will the pizza craze hit Vegas?

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