Blogspotting: The Frugal Foodie and Tasting Las Vegas

The words frugal and John Curtas have never, ever collided in the same sentence.

Just ask his his colleagues, his sons (still chafing at what will be their pitifully small inheritance), his ex-wives, his accountant and the IRS.

So he usually cedes the reporting on lower-end joints (unless they’re Asian joints) to others.

And that’s where The Frugal Foodie comes in. The Frug is a blog by a little gal (Jillian Plaster) with a big appetite. She trained as a chef so her reviews tend towards the food-and-recipe-specific, and sometimes she’s tougher to please than ELV with a hangover. But she has some serious food chops, and covers a lot of ground — including places that Eating Las Vegas wouldn’t be caught dead in — so give her a look.

Mike Dobranski’s Tasting Las Vegas puts forth a steady stream dining posts that are always¬† fun, if sometimes a bit logorrheic (The Frugal Foodie suffers from this as well). He is clearly a worshiper of great chefs and good food, has quite the sense of humor and more opinions than Glenn Beck Keith Olbermann.

Are they the next generation of food writers in Las Vegas? Too early to tell, but if you’re looking for thoughtful opinion on our restaurant scene, check them out.

6 thoughts on “Blogspotting: The Frugal Foodie and Tasting Las Vegas

  1. Thanks (I think) for the shoutout, John! I figured that you had the market cornered on garrulous sesquipedalianism, so I have to roll with logorrhea as my main vehicle. ;-)

    But seriously, getting a nod from a person whose work I respect a great deal means a lot to me. Much appreciated.

    P.S. – Can’t I at least be more opinionated than Olbermann instead of Beck? Beck is just one big skin crawl. Or is that the point?

  2. Mike D-

    You deserve it. You’re now on my “short list” of food blogs I must visit daily!

    And btw, this blogger with an unblemished 23 year record of homosexuality very much appreciated your “Sex And the City 2” cocktail diary! :-p

  3. Not another food critic…..I think that there should be some kind of a basic list that must be accomplished before someone starts discussing food and it’s preparation. Like posting their work in the food community, training, schooling and restaurants they’ve eaten at prior etc. in order for their opinion to have some credibility or way to cross correlate to your own taste variations. I’ve encountered so many so called food experts that don’t know a damn thing.

  4. We bought a home in west LV near Cheyenne and 215 two years ago. In March we discovered some of the best Italian food we can remember having. Called Vit’s, it is a relatively new mom and pop small place in a small shopping center just west of 215 at Cheyenne. Behind a new Chevron. You read that right. They couple are from Iowa and I would guess in there 60’s. They have pictures of their parents Italian restaurant in Iowa from way back when. I ordered a sandwich, I forget the name, and watched the old timer shave fresh pepperoni from a hunk the size of a football. My wife got one of the salads, also completely fresh ingredients. We had to get it to go as we had just flown into town. We had two days worth of wonderful food. You have to check this place out. Atmosphere? Nope. Great food? The best.
    Mark, Alaska

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