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“Don’t sugar coat it ELV, give it to us straight,” is probably what you’re thinking to yourself right now.

Okay, we will…in as few words as possible…because this replacement for Cafe Ba Ba Reeba isn’t worth the time or effort it’s taking to type these words.

There’s a special place in Restaurant Hell reserved for the corporate connivers (in this case the folks at Lettuce Entertain You) who foist mediocre Mexican food on the world in the name of “branding” whatever lame-ass “concept” they dream up in their board rooms.

How else to explain minuscule street tacos, made with rubbery corn tortillas, the worst, blandest, chunkiest and most half-assed guacamole we’ve had since the last time we were hungover and half-mashed an avocado in its own shell, an oversweet, weak, $14 “organic” margarita, queso fundido with completely unseasoned ground beef instead of chorizo, rice held together with gummy cheese, under-seasoned carne asada, over-cooked mahi mahi, and salsas that Roberto’s Taco Shops put to shame.

On the plus side they play the music too loud, the chairs are too small, and everything’s overpriced. The tres leches cake was the highlight of the meal, although it’s still not in the same league as Border Grill‘s.

Mad Man Mancini said it best in yesterday’s City Life: “…subpar service, average (he was being kind) food, and repeated price gouging.”

You have been warned.

Our lunch for two came to $65, including one margarita and a $12 tip.


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14 thoughts on “EL SEGUNDO SOL sux

  1. Terrible that babareeba closed. it was a great place to sit outside and have a tasty tapa. and it was usually busy…go figure.
    it will be hard to replace, and this place sounds like the food (el sabor a mierda)…

  2. Why would you leave a $12 tip. Your review i.ndicated nothing was good about the place but you seemed to think $12 over and above a ridiculous meal check was
    appropriate? Hardly!

  3. I was hesitant to check it out–As I am a Cafe B loyalist! But I caved in on Friday lunch. I ate the steak fajitas–delicious! Quality steak and veggies. Fresh made tortillas & quaca. I missed seeing the old crew but did enjoy the service. I prefer sangria but must say margaritas are awesome. Yesterday, we hit the taco stand for a quick CHEAP $2 taco– was delic…and the right price.

  4. Overall I thought everything was great their mahi mahi tacos were awesome and the fajitas

  5. I feel the total opposite of your rather harsh – and inaccurate – review of El Segundo Sol. I was in Vegas with some buddies last week and we went to dinner at El Segundo on Thursday night and dug the vibe and actually really enjoyed the food. We ordered the guacamole made right at our table and I really liked the steak tacos (the homemade tortillas were really good). Each of us ordered a tequila flight which was cool to taste different tequilas – we felt pretty good afterwards anyways! Anyone looking for legit Mexican with a fun atmosphere should definitely check out El Segundo Sol. Seems like you have a chip on your shoulder on this one. It was great!

  6. Finally went to El Segundo. Loved going to Cafe B, staff was great. El Segundo was way over priced for Happy Hour. Two Carne Asada tacos were $10.00, and were small and terrible. They used to have great Sangria, they messed that up too. Dont order the “Table side Guacamole” not only is it bad, its not made by your table. Managment if you read this, you better do something to change, or you will be another tragedy on “The Strip”

  7. Cafe Babareeba’s only redeeming factor, other than the location for people watching, was the sangria. The food they served was boring and executed poorly so I’m not too surprised the “Mexican” version of what they dreamed up is also lousy.

  8. I don’t understand how anyone who has not visited this restaurant can review this restaurant. I went with a group of friends last night and it was an amazing experience. The staff was very friendly, the tableside guac was great and we saw at least 1/2 the tables in the restaurant ordering it. The drinks (including the Sangria) tasted fresh and flavorful. Food was presented in a fun way and tasted great. Don’t take anyone’s word for it (especially an out of work “critic”). Go check it out for yourself.

  9. I found that the new concept was great. Nice open air restaurant. The bigstick margaritas were terrific, just like the old Z-Tejas. The food was worth the money. Maybe the haters should go back and try it again. I grew up in Vegas and have found that its the best Mexican food in town.

  10. I wont go so far as to say this place was “bad”, but it definitely wasn’t “great”. My guacamole was actually decent (although every place in vegas makes their guac seemingly so bland – add a pepper dammit!).

    The tacos dont hold a candle to Los Tacos (though no place in Vegas has tacos like Los Tacos).

    The music was OBSCENELY loud at lunch. Seriously…

  11. I think the food is absolutely amazing. I love their guacamole, and both the Sangria and Margaritas are always great. John Curtas sounds like a nut to me… maybe he should learn what good Mexican food really is.

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