MOzen Lunch

MOzen sits on the third floor of the Mandarin Oriental and serves as a three meal a day restaurant for the hotel’s well-heeled patrons.

Chef Shawn Armstrong oversees an operation that’s as adept at turning out superior sushi as it is an authentic lamb curry or first rate braised short ribs and pork bellies.

He and his staff have to be the culinary equivalent of a utility infielder because they never know what Arab potentate, Chinese high roller or Japanese mogul might stroll through the doors at any minute.

After two meals here (breakfast and lunch), we’ve yet to find a flaw in any of the food (except for sous vide-ing the meat – something we can excuse in a busy hotel restaurant)….and the elegant/intimate setting and the view and the service might put it at the top of all the three-meal-a-day hotel restaurants in town.

Once we have dinner here, we’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “MOzen Lunch

  1. Had dinner here last Saturday night and everything was perfect. Although it flys under the radar, this place deserves a Michelin Star.

  2. Please keep calling out the sous vide-ers. Did it come up in your meal with Keller? He’s the biggest offender on this coast.

  3. I have eaten in this restaurant at least a dozen times with my wife and stepson. Although I have not yet tried their breakfast, I have eaten there for lunch occasionally but mostly for dinner and have found the food overall to be excellent. In fact, as I said in a previous post regarding this restaurant, I cannot believe the level of quality coming out of a “cafe” .The surprise standouts for me were the curries especially the naan served with it. The only thing I noticed that was a little off the last time we were in, was that the quality of the sushi wasn’t as good as the multiple times prior we ate it there. Which in fact, is why we haven’t returned for a while as my wife is a sushi fanatic and is convinced there is no good sushi served anymore in Vegas after Shintaro closed at the Bellagio. Anyway, None the less, I do look forward to returning very soon and also realize that this restaurant is very easy to get to. Literally, it’s a 3 minute walk from the valet to the restaurant. BTW, I also dislike sous vide.

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