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A Citrus Bonanza in Summerlin

Large bergamots seen on sale at The Intuitive Forager Saturday farmers' market in Downtown Summerlin, Sat. Jan 30, 2016. (Photo credit: Greg Thilmont)

Large bergamots on sale at The Intuitive Forager Saturday farmers’ market in Downtown Summerlin, Sat. Jan 30, 2016. (Photo credit: Greg Thilmont)

Since before Christmas, it’s been impossible to miss boxes of Clementines and Satsumas in Las Vegas grocery stores. Winter is, after all, citrus season. For the next six weeks or so, however, there will be an even more resplendent display of lemon cousins at The Intuitive Forager‘s Saturday farmers’ market in Downtown Summerlin (the place that’s really more uptown in my cartographic mind).

There, Kerry Clasby and her produce-tive staff have brought in a number of rather exotic or uncommonly seen members of the citrus botanical “family.” The first to catch my eye was a selection of calamansi. They are like modest-sized kumquats and are mouth-popping friendly whole. Curiously, the skin is sweetish, and the interior pulp somewhat tart. It makes for an interesting eating experience.

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Linda Rodriguez and THE SMASHED PIG

It’s very strange when someone dies over the Christmas holidays.

For one reason or another, we’re all so busy running around and doing things with friends and family that news takes a back seat to all the shopping and frivolity.

And even in these days of in-your-face social media bombardment, the death of an acquaintance can slip through the cracks and catch you by surprise ten days after the fact.

So it was with Linda Rodriguez’s passing on December 27th. By the time we heard about it last weekend, the funeral and memorial service had already been held.

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Odds, Ends and Veal Parmigiana

(No one can beat Enzo’s meat)

A few things as we head into the stretch run of this holiday season:

1) O-Face Doughnuts announced it’s closing at the end of the month, leading our staff to ask: If downtown can’t support a freaking doughnut shop, what gastronomic chances does it have? Answer: We haven’t a clue. Every time we were in O-Face (and that was dozens of times) it always seemed to have customers. Not wrapping-around-the-block numbers mind you, but a fair amount of folks ready to make their own O-face after biting into the pastries. Were they the best doughnuts we’ve ever had? No, but they were a damn sight better than any others in town. And the coffee was superb. Pity all around, and a real head-scratcher when it comes to predicting what, if anything, this signals for the future of downtown dining. Speaking of which…

2) The Smashed Pig is now open, on East Fremont Street, right across from the failed experiment that was Radio City Pizza. It’s another Downtown Project-funded operation, but initial visits have been very positive, with chef/owner Martin Smith firmly in control of a tight, controlled menu of the English pub food he has in his veins. Don’t miss his fish and chips:

…served with superior mushy peas, or his steak and ale pie, or the sticky toffee pudding:


The burger and beers are also top notch, and only the noise level gives us pause. (Tip: eat at the bar if you want to hear yourself think.) All and all though, TSP is a flat out winner, and a nice addition to your downtown dining options. Eating Las Vegas loves restaurants that are so much better than they have to be.

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