Holy Muffaletta Batman! There’s a Good Sandwich Shop Downtown!

They had us at “Kimmelweck.” When’s the last time you saw that caraway and salt-crusted roll available at a sandwich shop? And it’s only..like….the best damn sandwich bread in the whole world!

The fresh and fine roast beef it encased was every bit as good as the bread. As was the good sausage and hot cappicola ham on the Naked Royal we had.

We weren’t as keen on the other two bread offerings: Kaiser or Black Russian — neither has much character and (ever so slight) staleness was an issue, but the meats and cheeses within these baked goods are the best thing to hit the downtown eating scene since Luv-It started freezing custard.

The sandwiches here aren’t cheap ($9 each), but they’re handmade with fresh ingredients, good meat, and a lot of love. And we also like the pickled vegetables and the giant (and we mean GIANT) pickles that come with your order, and the warm, slightly sweet and sour fingerling potatoes.

Best of all, the tiny joint is right across Las Vegas Boulevard from Luv-ItCustard….which immediately makes this place a lowbrow gourmet corner of the highest order.


1516 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV 89104


11 thoughts on “Holy Muffaletta Batman! There’s a Good Sandwich Shop Downtown!

  1. I just got back to Buffalo (Home of Beef on Weck) and told my family I had a great beef on Kimmelweck sandwich in Las Vegas at Naked City. I was villified for such blasphemy as to think you could get a great Beef on Weck outside of Western New York. Alas it is true, and my annual trip to Luv It Frozen Custard for my Hot fudge and salty peanut sundae was the perfect endng.

  2. holy shit, im there!!!! ELV your tuggin on my heartstings here, im from buffalo and dearly miss a great beef on weck! but ive never seen a beef on weck with lettuce and tomato, its just shaved been dipped in aujus piled high on that crusty roll topped with caraway seeds and rock salt. and dont forget the nasal cavity clearing gobbs of horseradish!!!

    damnit now im drooling!!

  3. Went by there today (Sunday) around noon and they were closed. Doors locked, lights out, nobody inside. I looked for a sign anywhere to see if there was a listing of store hours, but nothing. BTW, that’s a pet peeve of mine. Why any business wouldn’t list it’s hours of operation on it’s storefront is beyond me….

    Anyways, I’m home now and checked online and their own website says “Open 7 Days” and lists Sundays as opening at 10 a.m. Anybody know why they were closed when they were supposed to be open?

  4. In response to John’s comments….I just wanted to apologize for not having the shop open at noon. Our website is being redone this week and our hours on Sunday will be from noon to 8, Mon-Thurs 10am-10 pm, Fri and Sat 10am-midnight.
    This morning I was shorted on an order for the shop and had to make an emergency run to the store….I was not able to get back until 12:15 when I opened the doors. Being a small owner(s) operated business when something unexpected happens we have to adjust and make things happen. However I really would like to extend our sincere apologies and we hope that you will come down to try out our shop in the future.
    We appreciate everyone’s business and support and look forward to serving you the best food we can make daily. Please feel to contact me anytime at info@nakedcitylv.com if there is anything we can do or if you have any questions.


    Co-Owner /Operator
    Naked City Sandwich Shop

  5. Thanks Chris, I appreciate your quick reply. I look forward to visiting you soon, and will keep in mind your new hours. Take care – John

  6. O.M.G. What a sandwich! I had the fresh roasted turkey on Weck with garlic mayo and Munster cheese. Absoloutley tio DIE for! Where in the hell do you ge those pickles from….They are too good. Loved the hot potatoe salad.

    John Curtas hit this one right on the head. Yep you can call me a regular now!

  7. Nice review John. I have been singing the praises of this little jewel since my first visit several weeks ago. All of my friends that have stopped in, rave about the food these guys dish out. Quality and mind bursting flavors prevail at Naked City Sandwich Shop. 9 bucks might not be cheap for a sandwich, but when you factor in the inclusion of a side of your choice, fresh made pickled vegetables, and a honkin’ pickle, I think it’s a pretty good value. That hot potato salad….amazing! And the pickled veggies, which I am not usually a big fan of, rock the house.

  8. Stopped by today and got the roast beef on Kimmelweck and it was great. The beef, the bread, the veggie sides, the potato salad, all of them made for a very satisfying lunch.
    Even the large half sour pickle was excellent but after remembering John’s photo caption it made me wonder why they don’t throw in a couple hard boiled eggs to go with it. I mean, they do call this place Naked City don’t they?

  9. For all the veggies who have to wade through all the beef blah blah this and that and long for a good sandwich, dare I say sub, Sin City has it. A real sandwich on a roll that makes my east coast heart soar. I am glad they are in the ‘hood. The new Downtown triffecta, dinner at Sin City, roll over to Luv It, back across the street to Dino’s… back to Sin City? Maybe. Can life get any better? Really?

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