Casu Marzu German Cheese Video!

ELV knows a little German. He’s sitting right over there.

He also knows a bit about casu marzu cheese — that Sardinian soft specialty that’s an acquired taste if ever there was one.

In fact, if you’ve ever had a hankerin’ for ingesting some live maggots with your fermented curd — and let’s face it who hasn’t? — then this is just the cheese for you (translation services upon request):

One of the reasons you can’t get this delicacy in these here United States of America is because the eating of it often causes vomiting and diarrhea, and the little mouth hooks on those cute little worms have been known to play havoc with human stomach and intestine linings…

Just thought you’d like to know.

9 thoughts on “Casu Marzu German Cheese Video!

  1. clue-

    IMHO The NY Post got some right, but used some of those spots to just needlessly trash perfectly good restaurants. For instance, Aureole is still serving great food with great wines. Whatever our complaints are about the other Charlie Palmer restaurants around town, his people at Aureole are still making the magic happen. And by them saying, “It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad”, they’re just admitting they’re slamming Aureole for no good reason.

    That alone causes me to cast a suspicious eye on that list, not even considering the other objections I have to that sleazy tabloid “paper”.

  2. And btw, I’m wondering if casu marzu counts as a sort of “meat” because of the maggots. I guess it depends on whether one defines “carnivorous” as eating insects.

    Well, I guess I won’t have to find out any time soon. I’m a vegetarian, so I have a good excuse… (Not that I’d ever want to try eating maggots anyway) :-p

  3. Yeah, the Post’s lists are pretty strange. If I were to look at the list of 10 best, and the list of 10 worst, with no titles or descriptions, I’d be hard pressed to tell which list was which.

  4. OK, so not entirely on the topic of cheese, but does anyone have a recommendation for charcuterie in town?

    I know Marche Bacchus offers a sampling on their lunch menu, but I will mostly be doing the typical tourist Strip orbit, and a trip out to Summerlin seems unlikely.

  5. Dam that is gross, thanks for sharing. We could have our own fermented buffet cheese so Vegas does not feel left out or maybe a 5lb burrito at the Sahara will have to do.

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