10 thoughts on “Tonight: Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

  1. Just make notes on all the high notes so we can replay them when we dine there next time I come to town. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks. I’m VERY interested in what you’ll be saying. I’ve finally been working my way down the “To Eat List”, but I’ll be more than happy to add Twist to it if the food is as spectacular as the hype.

  3. Can’t wait. Just curious, who is in charge of the kitchen on the night-to-night basis (and what is his resume)?

  4. @Millo: The chef is Pascal Sanchez, who previously headed the kitchen over at Sketch in London since it opened in 2002. I recently dined at Twist on opening night; please see my blog for the report!

  5. Let’s please hope that it maintains the quality, at least for a while, so we can all experience it. Unfortunately, so many new restaurants here open up to fanfare and accolades only to plummet in quality and service as a sacrifice to the great god QuarterlyProfit. I look forward to eating there as soon as possible.

  6. Can’t wait for the review (great blog btw Kevin). I think Pierre will be staying for a few weeks and it sounds like he’s got a talented head chef who knows the philosophy of Pierre’s mind.

    I never eaten at his restaurants. It sounds like his U.S. restaurant is a little mor relaxed than his other ones.

  7. Chef Gagnaire has already left the restaurant. I work for Twist and unfortunately, his last night was on the 14th.

  8. Ryan-

    Did he at least leave the recipe book? LOL. :-p

    No really, do your coworkers know what they’re doing, especially the ones working the stoves and ovens? “Absentee celebrity chef syndrome” is rampant here and unlikely to die any time soon, but the restaurants usually keep serving out good eats so long as the keys to the joint are left in good hands… And the “celebrity chef” cares enough to make occasional visits and make sure the joint is operating up to par when he/she is not there.

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