KRUNG SIAM – Spicy Licious

Are you a fan of deep-fried meat jerky?

Chicken larb that blows your head off?

And intensely-spiced, richly-flavored roasted duck in red curry and coconut milk?

And do you like your “medium-spiced” Thai food so hot that each bites leaves you gulping for loads of Thai ice tea?

Then consider a trip to Krung Siam, at the corner of Valley View and Spring Mountain Road.

We’re not ready to anoint Krung the second or third best Thai in town, but the food there has a brightness and freshness to it that will make you rethink some of the same old, same old larb this and todd munn that that you’ve been settling for at any number of generic joints.

And that crispy pork alone (served with a lethal Thai hot chili sauce), would bring us back here all by its lonesome.

As would the duck.

The above meal came to $38 + a $10 tip.


3755 Spring Mountain Rd. #102

Las Vegas, NV 89102