CAFE HEIDELBERG Is Open For Business (as usual)

In response to a comment on this site questioning its degree of subsistence,* Owner Tanya Ferris would like everyone to know that Cafe Heidelberg is open and going strong….although, like every other restaurant in town, she is dealing with a highly uncertain economy and a slump in business.

So those seeking superb spaetzle, or wanting wonderful wurst, or begging for bodacious braten, need worry no longer.

Just thought you’d like to know.


* ELV has learned the hard way to never, ever trust rumors when it comes to chefs or restaurants.

5 thoughts on “CAFE HEIDELBERG Is Open For Business (as usual)

  1. I’m so sorry- I confused Cafe Heidelberg with the Swiss Cafe on Trop and Peco’s.

    Keep on keepin’ Tanya :)

  2. OK then, I’ll have to try it out some time. It may be too close to my ex-boyfriend’s house for comfort right now, but eventually I’ll have to try this place that so honors my German heritage. ;-)

  3. Wonderful place and atmosphere…look around for those 2 4 1 coupons in entertainment book and you got a steal plus I think MOndays are always 2 for 1

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