All we know about the food of El Salvador, we’ve learned in nineteen years of dining at Salvadoreno.

And what we know is this:

> El Salvadoran cuisine features a thin, silky, tangy, sour cream that really floats our plantains;

> Fried plantains are one of the world’s great flavors — equally at home as either a sweet or savory;

> Fresh pupusas stuffed with shredded pork, beans, chicken and/or cheese are ten times better than your average, crappy taco/burrito;

> Its soupy, smoky, re-fried beans are also far superior to the canned, grey-brown, starchy mess you get with most Mexican meals, and the semi-dry, oregano-enhanced pickled cabbage is a thing of beauty;

> And the food of this tiny, densely populated country, is not heavily-spiced, but is deeply satisfying.

We’d also forgotten just what a gem Salvadoreno is, perched on a desolate stretch of North Main Street just up the road from Main Street Station.

And then we remembered how much we used to eat here and how much we used to enjoy it.

And then we felt guilty for not having mentioned it in oh so many years….

So consider this post making amends for past our negligence, and consider Las Vegas lucky to have a bastion of something so real, so different, and so tasty, so close to us.

The meal pictured above cost $25 (including tip).


720 North Main Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



  1. OMG, comida salvadorena en Las Vegas??!! Que buena! I don’t have to go back to Orange County when I crave me some pupusas. Btw, does Salvadoreno serve casamiento? I’m SO craving some now that you told us about this place!

  2. There are many Salvadorean places in Las Vegas, especially on the East side. Just look for nondescript mini-malls.

  3. One of my former students had relatives connected to this place and I started going just after they opened. Unfortunately, I never went there as often as I should have. Truely, amazingly simple, but fantastically wonderful food!!

    DF’s suggestion can lead to some nice places and also some very poor ones. All my teaching was done at Rancho HS and LVHS and even though I lived on the NW/W side of town I spent most of my time on the Eastside. After 20 years I learned you have to be careful, or very brave….

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