Letter Of The Week – Still Unsure of the ELV Concept

In response to a comment by “InTheCards”, “has a clue” writes:

i dont give full criticism on ELV;s site, i do post alot on yelp, with honest food criticism. i just dont much like ELV, anyone who reads his stuff who has common sense can see that he is very biased and politically/pay for play driven. but either way we have nothing else in this town to read about food, so it is entertaining i guess.

i have to pay some respect, ELV does seem to have some food knowledge (although i catch many mistake in what he states) its just toobad he isnt a truc critic.

ELV does his best to be a truc critic, and generally prefers the Ford F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew over the Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab.

15 thoughts on “Letter Of The Week – Still Unsure of the ELV Concept

  1. What’s this world coming to? Shift keys don’t come standard on keyboards any more? It’s a sign of the coming apocalypse.

  2. I took Psych 101 and learned that uncapitalized I’s are a sign of ignorance. I took English 1A and learned where my apostrophe key is on my keyboard and to reread what I write before I post. I’ve had many attacks on “has a clue” written in the comment box before deleting them because I don’t feel it’s appropriate to attack someone else’s readership. But I do believe he is a negative and ignorant creature who is a failure at most things and therefore has no choice but to attempt to demean those who have some degree of success. I know his response will be “i am very suscesful and scooled in many difernt thing. you just don’t know becus you having a political reason to not know.” There, it’s out of my system. Sorry ELV, won’t happen again.

  3. My guess is that both the uncapitalized I’s and the need to publicly debase a food critic are signs of a feeling of diminished self-worth brought about by an early childhood trauma involving food, a professional critic, an IBM selectric II, an older sibling that excelled in school, a foreign country and a parent (probably a stepmother).
    Not being much of a writer myself, I would normally overlook spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in internet posts, but geez (or is that jeez) man.

    I prefer the Chevy Silverado 3500 crew cab, long bed, dual rear wheel, 6.6L diesel (. H)/(, h)auling water in anything smaller suckysucks.

  4. ‘has a clue’ is reminded of that famous aphorism by Mark Twain (or Oscar Wilde or Emily Dickinson…we’re not sure who): “Tiny victories are the hobgoblins of little minds.”

  5. ELV certainly has his opinions, and they are rarely tempered, but I can’t see where anyone could claim he is pay for play. He has been known to shift allegiances, he has been known to register disappointment with previous pals, he has been known to be “banned” from places for being honest. I may not always agree with him (no two reviewers should), and his experiences may sometimes be influenced by the fact that he isn’t anonymous (who could be in this town?) but I think his bias is wholly his own.

  6. You know, this person could be some kind of idiot savant who might know about grammar, but could possibly put us all to shame regarding gastronomic knowledge..

  7. i could put you all to shame in all aspects of the culinary world, but when posting comments from my handheld telephone with internet access, i forego the grammatically correct line of fire and just ‘git er done!’

    but dont let ELV’s “red herring” lead you astray as the the substance of my mean. using a misspelled word to pull a pillowcase over everyone’s head and spin you around is clever, but WEAK

  8. what’s your excuse this type knucklehead? “the the” ????????

    See how much love you’d get on your own blog.

  9. type = time, you’d (didnt know that was a real word) so whats your excuse dave???

    obviously none of us can type, so get over it

    im not looking for anyones love dumbass

  10. How interesting that the comments are all related to grammar rather than the actual culinary critiques. I have to give NAC the point on this one with the ‘red herring’ reference. Let the commenting on the cuisine begin!

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