LUV-IT CUSTARD Sketchy Neighborhood Outed — Downtown Denizens in Denial

Here’s the video:

And here’s the apoplectic response from various downtown denizens denying that Luv-It-Custard is located in the neighborhood where you’re most likely to see a drug bust….or a guy without any pants on.

That don’t mean the custard ain’t no good…

‘Cuz it’s fabulous….just like Craig Ferguson sez.

To his credit, owner Greg Tiedemann was tactfully silent about the brouhaha.

‘Cuz he knows any publicity is good for him and his superior product.

It’s all good…no matter how many pantless, Cisco-chugging, sad, smelly, reprobate drug users are being busted around him.

And as long as we’re questioning the good sense of our friends and neighbors, we’d like realtor Jack LeVine to show us all those “…great mom and pops…” in and around the Olympic Garden area.

Unless he’s referring to those long-in-the-tooth strippers with more stretch marks than twenties in their g-strings.

And a guy named “Pop” who used to sell us weed down there.

5 thoughts on “LUV-IT CUSTARD Sketchy Neighborhood Outed — Downtown Denizens in Denial

  1. Eh. If you think the area around Luv-It is “sketchy”, you haven’t seen half the neighborhoods I’ve been in California. I’ve walked in Hollywood. I’ve stopped in El Cajon. Hell, I once even stayed with my aunt who lives in The Projects in The Western Addition of San Francisco! And come on, Las Vegas Blvd. & Oakey isn’t any more “sketchy” than any of these neighborhoods.

    IMHO, too many folks have forgotten what the city is really like. Sometimes, I like to venture outside my Green Valley gates to taste what Vegas is really about.

  2. the luv it custard was great…i loved it… i went during the day around noon… it was as peaceful as church on monday… place was lined up with the dress shirt and tie guys…hmmmm…wonder what kind of vice they’re pushing…lol…

  3. Luv-It custard has been in business for 37 years. My guess is that if the location were THAT bad…they’d have enough invested to move to a better location. A point-well-met is that daytime visits might still be the wiser choice.

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