Restaurant Week 2009 – BOULUD BRASSERIE

ELV isn’t as young as he used to be, so he left the bodacious babes alone last night and concentrated on the food at Boulud Brasserie.

And he picked a couple of certified winos to dine with — who kept him blind tasting red wines all night.

Which, at ELV’s age, is more fun than chasing women.

But dining with Dr.s Herb Cordero and Bill Boren is a hoot and a half…and good for ELV’s health and medical well-being.

Especially the next time he needs a by-pass before getting a mammogram.

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Week 2009 – BOULUD BRASSERIE

  1. I LOVE Daniel Boulud! I can munch on those crispy flatbreads and yummy soups all night and leave so satisfied and joyful. Next time my dad craves meat when he comes back to town with me, I so want to take him here. He needs to see what real brasserie fare is all about. ;-)

  2. I had the DB burger as a once in a lifetime deal. It was a mistake you can get much better for less at Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar. The flatbreads were worth the trip alone and the best iced tea I’ve ever had.

  3. God help us. With an opening photo, apparently of a young, be-glassed ELV stimulating his nipples, I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to continue scanning through the food photos. I did. And they were delicious. The photos of the food. Not the questionable photo of a young ELV. Or a photo of a youngster in the guise of ELV.

  4. The wify and I went for Restaurant Week on Tuesday. It was our first (and perhaps last) time. Not to say that I don’t ‘love’ sitting at a table halfway between the kitchen and loo (gotta love when that happens), but the food just didn’t justify the Michelin star it boasts so prominently on the menu. The shortrib ravioli was very good Ill admit, and the watermelon mojito was surprisingly tasty too, but the salmon…..well……sucked the big sous vide. Plus, the dessert was nothing special either. Should have gone back to Nobhill Tavern like we did the week before and have a much better meal. Now that place deserves the star…

  5. Mr. Curtas:

    Friday night after show…mid November. Boulud Brasserie vs. Nob Hill Tavern
    vs. JR. Atelier.


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