CARNEVINO Lunch ex post facto Conversation

The Food Gal™ : So where did you go to lunch today ELV?

ELV: Why, I went to Carnevino.

The Food Gal: Did you have meat?

ELV (sheepishly): Well kinda…if you can call a steak and egg sandwich, topped with three different eggs (quail, duck and chicken) and a house-cured pastrami on some excellent Bon Bakery Bread, meat eating.

The Food Gal: What happened to your pledge to forgo beef…or at least cut way back on it? The whole sustainable, carbon-footprint, going green thing and all that?

ELV: I don’t know…it was like I walked through the doors and some strange, extraterrestrial, beef-eating force consumed my body and I was powerless to resist the addictive allure of aged beef…It’s f*cking evil I tell you! Someone needs to stop it!

The Food Gal: Who chose the restaurant?

ELV: Uh…I did….but that’s beside the point I tell you! Why aren’t you listening to me?

The Food Gal: You probably drank too, didn’t you?

ELV: Of course I drank…it’s C-a-r-n-e-V-I-N-O after all. It would be a sin not to. Mario (Batali) and Joe (Bastianich) would never forgive me…

The Food Gal: Well, as long as you didn’t invite me to lunch, do tell, what wine didn’t I get to try?

ELV: As long as you asked, a smooth, deep and mellow Ca’ Marcanda Promis — a merlot-based beauty from Gaja ($125).

The Food Gal: Is this the same “Gaja” from yesterday? The Italian knockout that you conveniently forgot to tell me you were having lunch with?

ELV: Boy, you hit that nail on the head. Those nebbiolos yesterday knocked me out in more ways than one…

The Food Gal: That’s not what I’m talking about.

My lunch for two (with a mysterious femme fatale and $125 bottle of wine and a smattering of the first white truffles of the season) came to a lot more $$$ than The Food Gal wanted me to spend.*


* Something tells ELV it’s gonna be a no nooky night.

2 thoughts on “CARNEVINO Lunch ex post facto Conversation

  1. Victor’s the bomb. He’s the sommelier… Hopefully you met him — he’s the f’ing smartest savviest somm in town – – who knows more about italian wines than anyone I’ve ever met — let him pair for you. he rocks.

    he’s also a very talented guitarist — since you like things that are “arty”…

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