Attention Food Fans! John and Max Debut on KNPR!

This Friday morning, September 25, 2009…a date which will live in infamy…. begins what ELV and Slapsy Maxy Jacobson hope will be a long and fruitful run on News 88.9 FM KNPR’s State Of Nevada.

For on this auspicious day, the aforementioned food critics will be hosting a one hour restaurant show on the aforementioned radio station.

At 9:00 am, we will launch our inaugural broadcast by discussing all the food news you can use (and the current state of Las Vegas dining) with such luminaries as Tom Sietsema (restaurant critic for the Washington Post) and uber-restaurant-gal Elizabeth Blau, and reviewing restaurants from all over the valley, AND taking call-ins and questions from all of you for da bodda us throughout the hour.

If you’re not near a radio at that hour, you can sign up for the podcast at, and if you are, we hope you listen in, and tell us what you think.

Our staff couldn’t be more excited. If the response is good, we hope to make this a regular part of the KNPR lineup – – featuring chefs, restaurants, reviews, news from the food and wine world, lots of opinion, and a smattering of snark. Not to mention a special segment we’re calling “Eat It Or Beat It,” where we square off over a couple of restaurants each episode, and tell you what we really think of them.

Think of us as the Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley of the Las Vegas restaurant world. Or maybe just Statler and Waldorf. Max promises to tone down the dogma while yours truly pledges to ratchet up the righteousness.

Or is it the other way around?

Either way, it should be fun. So if you care about what and where you eat, tune in.

9 thoughts on “Attention Food Fans! John and Max Debut on KNPR!

  1. Who gets top billing? Is it Jacobson and Curtas or Curtas and Jacobson?

    Sounds like it will be great fun and best of luck to both of you. I’ll be listening from afar.

  2. So is this a new Friday segment of State of Nevada a la Film Week on KPCC’s Air Talk every Friday (when I lived in Orange County, I NEVER missed it)? Or is this a standalone show? Oh, who cares! Either way, I’m sure this will be “must listen radio” for me all over again!

    Good luck, and I can’t wait to tune in and see what you’re talking about. ;-)

  3. And another btw, it’s too bad I didn’t catch this on time for you to discuss this with Tom Sietsema. But hopefully another week, you can invite Gustavo Arellano onto the show. In addition to “Ask a Mexican”, he’s also a food critic for OC Weekly. And just this week, he rightfully condemned The OC Register’s “Best of Orange County 2009” food list.

    While I do have plenty of fond memories of my old stomping grounds, it still horrifies me to see how many of my former neighbors think Olive Garden is “Best Italian” (at least they didn’t win this year, but I’m still shocked they made the Top 3) and Mimi’s Cafe is “Best Comfort Food”. While Las Vegas still has room for growth, we should rightfully be proud of how far we’ve come so far. I doubt even The R-J’s lame “Best of Las Vegas” poll would ever be so lame as to name Rainforest Cafe as “Best Theme Restaurant”.

    It might be nice some time to invite critics from California and from other parts of The Southwest to hear about their locales as well as their opinions of Las Vegas eating.

  4. Who the hell wants to hear Elizabeth Blau blabber on — uber foodie…right. She gets props for Bellagio — after that, her focus on Simon has been tired and off-key.

  5. John and Max nice job on the debut show. And if the above posts are any indication, you’re off to a good start. When people respond with criticism and/or suggestions, it serves to both inspire and motivate one to respond, which, in turn, fuels ideas and conversations for your show.

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