Just for good measure, we went to Hedary’s twice in the past week just to see if we were wrong about it kicking the hummus out of most other Mediterraneans in town (Khoury’s and Pita Place excepted).

We weren’t.

The difference being: the dolmas here feel and taste like they were rolled by someone who cares, everything is properly seasoned, and the cooks are paying attention.

Even though it’s not pictured (because our staff was otherwise preoccupied), the vegetarian meze assortment is the thing to get, containing as it does eight or nine plates of the tastiest veggies you’ll ever encounter — enough for four and only $26.

Just thought you’d like to know.


7365 West Sahara Ave. #K

Las Vegas, NV 89117-2718



4 thoughts on “HEDARY’S

  1. bwdining-

    I guess I was still in that far away land known as “Orange County”. Sorry about that, I’m still new to town and still learning about Vegas. I’ve done a LOT of dining at The Strip, but I’m still starting to experience more of these off-Strip charmers. Thanks for letting me know about Crazy Pita. I’m only a mile away from The District, so that will be an easy trip to lunch or dinner for me. ;-)

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