For some reason that’s never been entirely clear to us, restaurants next to movie theaters always seem to have a rough go of it. It’s strange because you’d think dinner and a movie (especially if they’re right next to each other) would go together like summer blockbuster and brain dead.

The place to the left of the Village 8 Theaters has been at least three different places in the past ten years, and we don’t give the current tenant much chance for survival.

Archi’s, on the other hand (and on the other side), has a loyal following (from its other two locations), above-average Thai food, and prices that feel like early bird specials no matter what time of day you stroll in.

It’s also small, clean, friendly and nicely decorated. In other words: it’s the perfect spot for some spicy Thai before or after you get hornswoggled into shelling out $24 for you and your synapse-challenged date to see Transformers II.

For the same money you can have a couple of nice, endorphin-stimulating courses, and not feel like you’ve had your intelligence insulted.

Our dinner for two came to $46 ($37 + $9 tip).


9350 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117-8814


2 thoughts on “ARCHI’S CAFE

  1. Archi’s is great, especially when you don’t want to haul to the other side of the world (at least where I’m coming from) to eat at Lotus of Siam. Next time try the silver noodle salad, tom yum or tom kha soups or pad cha cha cha. Their curry dishes are also very good.

  2. Ive been going to Archies since I was 14 years old! I’m 22 now. Every birthday, friends birthdays, dates, and anniversaries have been at the Archie’s on flamingo. And now I plan on having my bridal shower at the sahara location. The staff is so friendly! They remember me and my fiance EVERY time we come in! They also remember my favorite dishes. ( Pad Prik Pow with beef or tofu with pineapple YUM!) The Pad Thai is to die for also the Kang Kua curry is KILLER! I recommend this place to anyone with TASTEBUDS!!!! I’ve even converted my mother who HATES different food she has a sensitive stomach. She orders cashew chicken! I see Archie there all the time and his son Pete. They’re very nice people and I’m so happy that they’re business is doing well, they deserve it!!!!!!!

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