7 thoughts on “This Just In….CHINOIS Closes

  1. It’s not because of any clientele – it’s because the restaurant was empty and the food was boring. Not to say the chef wasn’t good, Scott Irestone is a good cook, but the recipes from 1989 just don’t cut it any longer. Wolfgang’s “fusion” cuisine is tired and a thing of the past. Good thing he has $60 steaks at CUT and mediocre, but expensive, cafeteria food at Springs Preserve to keep him out of the red!

  2. I hear Poerty is going to move over to Planet Hollywood, in the upstairs area where Prive very recently was forced to close after they lost their liquor license (and where P-Ho was socked with a hefty fine of the activities going on at the night club)

    As far as Wolfgang is concerned, does he open another restaurant someplace else on the strip? He already has a bunch. Maybe a chance to extend a more recently created brand? Does Las Vegas even need it?

  3. jsmeeker-

    I hope that’s true! I hope PH does consider taking in Poetry.


    I know the food wasn’t all that. Wolfgang Puck revolutionized fine dining in LA during the ’80s and changed the way Vegas thought about fine dining in the ’90s. However, his “big ideas” today often seem like retreads of the past. We don’t need any more 1989 food.

    I was just saddened about Chinois closing because of Poetry. And sorry, but these rumors have been swirling for quite a while about Harrah’s and Simon not being pleased with the “black clientele” at Poetry. It didn’t help that they’d close the main entrance to Caesar’s at 11:00 PM and force all the Poetry guests to use a dark and dirty back door to get out. That just reminds me too much of the bad old days of Vegas Segregation.

  4. Wow-

    Heh. How very true. In retrospect, it’s a little funny how I and others have cared more about what will happen to Poetry than about the actual restaurant. It just shows how forgettable the food at Chinois really was.

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