Hot Bartender Watch – Rojo Lounge

We’re not saying Erin is muy caliente

…but we’d hang out at her bar (Rojo Lounge at Palms Place) even if she wasn’t serving us a sip from a $2,500 bottle of Dos Lunas super-duper tequila.

In fact, we would hang out here even if all she served was Early Times with an Old Stillwalken chaser in a used styrofoam cup at a nicotine-stained bar smelling of bathroom disinfectant and this guy’s old socks.

Yeah…that’s how cute she is.

1 thought on “Hot Bartender Watch – Rojo Lounge

  1. So far since I’ve moved here, my fave hot “bartender” would have to be the wine guy at the Green Valley Ranch buffet. Yes, I just said that. The food’s not bad (good for a suburban casino buffet) and the wine selection is OK (mainly a few California & Washington state varieties, nothing too special). But oh my, my heart races when he pours me a glass of Pinot Gris and asks me, “Is that all, boss?” He’s so cute, and such a charmer!

    I always make sure to tip him well. My gaydar has never detected anything with him… But hey, can’t a queen dream sometimes? ;-)

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