Behind the Scenes at KLAS TV Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

One of the highlights of our week is going on camera with Emmy Award-winning Denise Valdez for her Dishing and Dining segment on Channel 8.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps of us getting ready to record the segment:

And you can view the finished product after the jump:

For all you serious foodies out there, we may be overselling DJT a bit on the segment — but the $29 prix fixe is a legitimate deal — even if the food doesn’t approach the wonders Joe Isidori and David Varley were creating here over a year ago.

BTW: Isidori has made quite a splash in the Big Apple with Harbour, featuring some of the same amazing dishes that he first tried out on appreciative Las Vegas diners who, unfortunately, weren’t enough in number to keep his vision alive in our humble burg.

1 thought on “Behind the Scenes at KLAS TV Channel 8’s Dishing and Dining

  1. Great piece ELV. One thing that makes your segments with Denise so successful is the fact that you’ve cultivated a natural, fun relationship and it translates to your chemistry on-screen. Denise lets you take the lead, and anticipates the types of questions that the viewers would ask you–and she knows just the right timing to interject those questions.

    Don’t ever read from a script, don’t ever work with a co-host who reads from a tele-prompter. Just go for it. And don’t forget to give us some more of those segments where you both dine at the restaurant and review it together.

    Of course, your snappy duds help to create a unique image of you for the viewer–and that can be a good thing. Denise, of course, always looks good.

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