SERENDIPITY Slips Us The Big One

“How long is that thing?”…ain’t exactly a question often posed to ELV.

“Twelve inches,” is likewise, not somethin’ he has often muttered.

Serendipity 3 also features The Bachelorette Dog: …15 inches of turgid sausage bliss guaranteed to please more women at one time than ELV has ever dreamed of.

The foot-long costs $13, and is humbled by The Bachelorette (which is $17.50 — and comes with the party on the side).

Each is slighty smoky, slightly garlicky, and quite a mouthful. (Insert dirty joke here.)

Just thought you’d like to know.


at Casears Palace Hotel and Casino


5 thoughts on “SERENDIPITY Slips Us The Big One

  1. I love good food as much as the next guy, but are we seriously talking about $15 for hamburgers and $13 for hot dogs?

  2. Wieners are fine John, but try the (even bigger) steak sandwich “Oscar Style” at $25 and you’ll be a Serendipity believer like I am.

  3. ELV … that Serendipity post with all those double-entendres … Are you expecting anybody to bite on that?? Puh-lease.

    What does The Food Gal think of all this (Don’t answer if you don’t want to)?

  4. Serendipity is one of the reasons most Americans are fat and unhealthy. The portions are out of control. I know it’s a gimmicky place and does thousands of covers a week so people must like it – but it’s not a serious food place and shouldn’t be considered one.

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