El Cortez Cabana Suites – Urban Cool Invades Downtown

You’ve got your hipster bars (Griffin, Beauty Bar), your mixology mecca (Downtown Cocktail Room), and even an old school standby (Sidebar), but none of them have a hotel that matches their uber-cocktail-coolness….until today when the El Cortez Cabana Suites starts taking guests in 64 of the neatest rooms this side of the Viceroy or Mondrian in Los Angeles — or anything you’ll find in Palm Springs.

Getting our personal tour from El Cortez Prez Kenny Epstein, all we could say (when we weren’t speechless over the modern design) was: finally a downtown hotelier who is putting some serious dough (8 mil) into seriously upgrading the acommodations in our humble burg.

May, 07, 2009 is the official opening day — replete with Oscar Goodman Bombay-ing his gin-loving self around the joint — but we at ELV thought you’d like to up your hipster quotient by getting a sneak peek.

And in keeping with the food (rather than hotel) obsessions for which he is known, ELV will also tell you his lunch of gigantic stone crab claws today at the Cafe Cortez ($28/pound, large enough to smite a Philistine and accompanied by a nice, tangy mustard sauce)* were as off the hook as those cabana suites.


* Mother’s Day (this Sunday) will be the last day for the stone crab claws until October.

3 thoughts on “El Cortez Cabana Suites – Urban Cool Invades Downtown

  1. Very impressive addition to Downtown. The vision of our city that so many have followed since 1993 is coming to fruition!

    (Although, John, Palm Springs might have a few places that have to be seen to believed, … the Parker and the Orbit In come to mind).

  2. K. Epstein’s work lures in El Cortez’a direction…. In my experience, second to Gold Nuggett, this N. LV. station owes the Loss Vague(us) traveler her “second glance!” ~KAP.

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