UNLVino + a few (not so) tasty snaps of Le Burger Brasserie

A quick post of a few snaps from last weeks uber-wine event at the Paris Hotel + a few snaps of the sorry burgers at Le Burger Brasserie (located in the hallway that connects Paris and Bally’s) — where we repaired to cool off off our buzz with (what we thought would be) some top-shelf protein.

Boy, were we mistaken.

Let’s just say Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Burger and Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar have nothing to worry about — so cookie-cutter, un-beefy, bland and visually unappealing were LBB’s burgers — to say nothing of the “special” steak sandwich, which wasn’t half as good as the cheesesteaks at POP’S , which are half the price.

But at least the coleslaw tasted straight from a Smart and Final bucket, and the bread was stale — so the meal wasn’t a total loss…

The half-sour pickles, however, were most appealing.


In the Paris Hotel and Casino

3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


8 thoughts on “UNLVino + a few (not so) tasty snaps of Le Burger Brasserie

  1. Agree..#1 is BLT Burger, #2 is Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay, a distant #3 is Lbs at Red Rock (fatburger is actually better)……actually for a good burger off the strip try ‘Cheeburger Cheeburger’ on Rainbow/Windmill…..god knows Ive had my share of burgers around the way

  2. I tried LBS once…and didn’t feel right for two days. After a night like that it will take some time to give that place another try. In addition to what may or may not have been food poisoning, I thought the burger was just average. WAY too much bun for the patty they serve. The sweet potato fries were good though.

    My two favorite non fast-food burgers still remain 1) the bar burger at Bradley Ogden and 2) the burger at Mesa Grill (not the Cuban burger – the standard one). These two have never failed me.

  3. LBS = GARBAGE! At LBS the server askes if youy want “pink or no pink” in your burger. If thery are using the highest qualty meat like they claim, why cant i get a burget there at Meduim Rare??? Also, their buns are too thick. Its all about the VERY scientific meat to cheese to bun ratio. Some places just dont get that.

  4. I have to admit I agree, Le Burger Brasserie is quite uninspiring… did you see the pic of the category-killer steak sandwich from Serendipity?
    I was also told by the people at Binion’s that they actually grind their own beef for the burgers at the snack bar…haven’t checked it out yet.

    Sweet potato fries… that’s another issue. I don’t think I’ve had them made right in a long time.

  5. What the !!! I thought a steak sandwich was actually a steak on a bread roll. It looks like chipped beef drowned in ketchup. (Maybe it needed the ketchup to save it). I actually had this place on my “next time” list. I’ll certainly be avoiding that dreadful steak sandwich next time I’m in town.

  6. Just had the Serendipity Steakhouse Sandwich “Oscar Style” that EC mentioned. Eighteen inches of steak, crab, asparagus and a nice bearnaise. Category-killer is an apt choice of words for this delicious monstrosity. After the meal I even got to see ELV himself, well, up on the big screen in front of Caesars anyway.

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