MAMA LUIGI’S – The Best Italian Restaurant In Town

The quest is over. The nominations are closed. And the critics have spoken.

Finally, after years of hoping and praying ELV has found the ne plus ultra of Italian cooking. Food the way it’s supposed to be. A monument to authenticity and a testament to garlic-infusion.

Taking a tip from loyal reader Sammy “Sammy Bananas” Bonnano, ELV and his staff snaked through the warren of high-end shoppes and classy courtiers at Sam’s Town and wound up at the doorstep of Mama Luigi’s — an unassuming homage to chianti candles, plastic grape vines, and the boffo baritone of soon-to-be-a-lounge-act-no-longer Joey Spinoza. Between his faithful renditions of “That’s Amore,” Mambo Italiano,” and Puccini’s “Non t’amo pui,” we at ELV can’t remember when we had a better time swaying to the music.

And while we were swaying, we were swooning over Chef Paulie “Paulie Pistachio” Ampelio‘s renditions of eggplant Buttafuco,* lasagna Milanese,****** clams Bellagio,*** tortellini Trafficante,** and lobster Bolognese.**********

Ampelio explained his sophisticated take on Italian classics thusly: “You can never cook with too much love or too much tomato sauce.”

….And you know what? We believe him.

MAMA LUIGI’S * * * * * * * * * * * * (our first 12 star review!)

In Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino

6969 Boulder Highway

Las Vegas, NV 89069


8 thoughts on “MAMA LUIGI’S – The Best Italian Restaurant In Town

  1. Had me until the “swaying to the music” part. Then the pictures clinched it (not to mention I’ve been to the well below par Italian place at Sams Town but can’t remember its name), thanks for the laugh.

  2. Twelve stars! In Sam’s Town?? Oh, that’s right, it’s April Fool’s Day.
    Thanks for the amusing story.

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