This Just In….Eating Blowfish Testicles Might Not Be Such A Good Idea

Japan: Delicacy Makes Diners Seriously Ill

Blowfish testicles sickened seven diners in Northern Japan recently. The chef and owner of the restaurant where the diners ate in Tsuruoka City had no license to serve blowfish (aka fugu) and was being questioned by police. The diners developed paralysis and breathing trouble, and were rushed to the hospital for treatment, the police said. (AP)

Drat! And ELV woke up this morning jonesin’¬†for fish nads…

4 thoughts on “This Just In….Eating Blowfish Testicles Might Not Be Such A Good Idea

  1. Fugu is proof that the Japanese culture is the most passionate about food. How many cultures have delicacies still regularly served today which, if not prepared perfectly (we’re not talking normal food safety here but exacting knife skills and cleaning procedures), can kill? That, my friends, is dedication.

  2. Not sure it’s dedication or macho food stupidity. I mean, do blowfish testicles even taste good? I’m all for eating pretty much everything, as long as the end result is a tasty satisfying meal.

  3. I can eat Rocky Mountain Oysters and feel perfectly safe (and during certain times of the month, perfectly vengeful), knowing that they won’t KILL me. While eating any number of piscene, avian, or mammalian nads may be an adventure that I’d be hard-pressed to pass by, I certainly have made a point to avoid those which could be fatal. That would definitely end my culinarily adventurous spirit.

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