MRKT Sea & Land

MRKT Sea & Land is a big, splashy steakhouse in the Aliante Hotel and Casino, with a cool design, hot hostess, and food that is done a lot better elsewhere.

They have no idea how to cook fish here (our “filet” was so big (and tough and dry) it could’ve been used as a doorstop), and the steak was so so. Still, there are some things on the menu that are worth a go.

One of those is the seafood and vegetable tempura (lot’s of calamari with carrot and zucchini sticks) — done with a light hand, lightly crunchy, and not greasy. Another is a trio of thick-cut (out-of-season) tomatoes, smothered in creamed spinach and a melted cheddar cheese (almost Velveeta-like) sauce. This is not a put-down. Thick, satiny, Velveeta-like sauces are one of the most addictive substances known to man. MRKT’s tomato trio is a great way to get your (cheese-obliterated) veggies, and ELV is still dreaming about how good they tasted.

The vanilla ice cream served atop a brownie baked in a small, cast-iron sauce pan was pretty darn good too, as were the caramel coated apple slices.

ELV didn’t pay for a thing, but from the prices listed, can tell you dinner for two here will run at least $125.

MRKT Sea & Land

In the Aliante Hotel and Casino

7300 Aliante Parkway

North Las Vegas, NV