“Cathouse” Kerry Makes A Statement

The billboard on I-215 (and this ‘zine ad for Simon Poolside at the Palms Hotel) says: “Food That Makes A Statement.” Which begs the question: About what?

> Pink, cotton-candy hair?

> Himbos?

> Un-nutritious (sic) arm candy?

> Bimbos?

> Himbos and bimbos love lounging whilst leering at latissimous dorsi?

To answer his own question, Eating Las Vegas thinks this absurd ad campaign makes the following statement(s):

> “Drinking mandatory. Eating optional.”

> “We are the epicenter of the www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com universe!”

> “Anorexics love us!”

> “Lounge-lizard lotharios languish leeringly here.”

> “We feed malnourished models.”

> “This hair may be edible…and she certainly is.”

> “It’s more important that you feel uber-cool than think about anything you might actually eat.”

And if you think this is being a bit tough on the lanquidly-locked one — who ELV considers a nice guy and one of the most talented chefs in America — but one who has been wasting that talent for almost ten years — listen to this.

2 thoughts on ““Cathouse” Kerry Makes A Statement

  1. Not sure of what the message is supposed to mean. I’ve seen this ad in Vegas magazine and many other places. Sure, sex sells, but I am somewhat bothered by the image of half-dressed teens in conjunction with my tuna tartare. I am one of those strong believers that restaurants should probably somehow feature their food in their promotional materials. Just a thought…

  2. The message is loud and clear – “SELL THE SIZZLE, NOT THE STEAK”!!! The chefs ego and hipe are way bigger. Congrads for getting on the list of top bad restaurants to eat at.

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