Louis’ Fish Camp closes…

…but thankfully, not Louis’ — the more formal, bastion of superior South Carolina Low Country cuisine across the hall. The Fish Camp was the larger, more casual Louis Osteen operation that sported Zelda’s Bourbon Bar, Dixieland Jazz Sundays, truly awesome crawfish etouffe and shrimp jambalaya….not to mention crazy-good crab cakes, superb po-boys, and great gumbo. It seems the folks frequenting the Town Square Mall preferred the straight-from-Sysco offerings of Blue Martini, or (God help us) whatever the Tommy Bahama Cafe is dishing up, to the real thing. We haven’t been able to reach Osteen for a comment, but wish him and his crew all the success as they soldier on, against all odds, cooking authentic, creative food for a crowd who keeps looking for the food court.

6 thoughts on “Louis’ Fish Camp closes…

  1. no surprise here. contrary to your perspective, the crab cakes were short on crab, yet high on price. the service, inconsistent. and for being a “fish camp” the fish was in short supply.

  2. What is going on? First, Chef Carlos leaves for SW Steakhouse over at the Wynn and now, Fish Camp closes.

    Hey, bring Fish Camp over to Los Angeles!

  3. Fish Camp was one of the worst meals I’ve had in Vegas…even for a casual place where my expectations were pretty reserved. Soggy fries and tasteless po’boy sandwiches, especially when in need of some salty/crunchy goodness to sop up the morning’s hangover, are always a bad thing.

  4. In all due respect to those who apparently had bad meals at Fish Camp, when I had lunch there in May it was fabulous-and I think my three dining companions, (all of whom have quite good tastes), would agree with my assessment.

    Among the dishes we tried were the “Flash-Fried Alligator” served with “Mirliton Slaw, Buttermilk Bleu Cheese Dressing and Texas Pete Hot Sauce.” The gator was crunchy and sweet-the taste akin to frogs legs. The tangy slaw cut through the richness of the fried gator strips.

    I had the “She Crab Soup” and it was studded with fresh crab meat flown in from Louisiana. Chef Guia explained that they use fresh female crabs with the roe attached for extra depth of flavor. The flavor of the soup came from the rich, dark-brown roux that starts as the base of this delicious elixir.

    I also tried the “Peppery Arugula Greens” with “Candied Pecans, Roasted Pecan Oil, Cane Vinegar and Molasses Vinaigrette.” The portion was huge and certainly didn’t need the addition of fried oysters that I added to the salad. But coming from oyster country in the Northwest, I wanted to test the Chef’s ability with Louisiana oysters.

    The oysters on the salad come out of the same fryer they use for the oysters that go on the Po’Boy sandwiches-and on the day we were there the oysters were wonderful-crunchy on the outside and fresh, briny and slurpy on the inside. I know my oysters and the oysters at Fish Camp were delicious.

    I found the service casual, almost homey-a nice respite from the sometimes unfriendly, unpersonal service found at more expensive restaurants on the strip.

  5. I’m sure that James beard winner Louis Osteen will figure out how to let go more of his staff so he can keep his 3,000 K a month rented apartment in Panorama towers!!

  6. Louis is a nice guy who has worked his way up and earned what he had. He left a secure, wonderful place in Pawley’s Island to take a chance and bring something different and spectacular to a faceless strip. Why criticize someone who is taking a chance. And that man can cook. I know. He gave me much needed confidence when i was younger and he is not a greedy man. He is great “jason” and you should grow up.

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