Bryan Ogden Is Tired Of Making His Father Money

One of the worst kept secrets in the Las Vegas restaurant world over the┬ápast four years was the…er….uh….frosty relationship between Bryan Ogden and pere Bradley. One of the reasons Bryan pulled up stakes and headed to the land of big egos and bad manners (after helming Bradley Ogden in Caesars Palace to great success) was to carve out his own name among the food cognescenti of LaLa Land, and to distance himself from B.O. and his B.O. legacy. Now in an interview in this week’s Nation’s Restaurant News ( he explains his menu (at Apple in West Hollywood,, and that: “My dad is not involved. We have different food, and it’s time to break away on my own. I’m tired of making him money.” Ouch!

Read the rest of the interview here.

3 thoughts on “Bryan Ogden Is Tired Of Making His Father Money

  1. “… the land of big egos and bad manners …”

    Well, it takes one to know one, doesn’t it, John??

    Truth be told, I didn’t realize the nature of Bryan’s relationship with his father. Anyways, I did eat at Apple and the food was fine. I want to go back and see how it works out with the two lounges in operation.

    The Pussycat Lounge in West Hollywood? That will be interesting …

  2. Not surprised! I’m sure Ceasars Palace is tired of fathers gambling problem and I’m sure his wife is tired of his roming hands!!

  3. With all due respect, Bradley may have his issues but there is a whole generation of chefs, Bryan being one of them that enjoy a very good view of the culinary world from the shoulders Bradley Ogden. My thinking is that the comment was made offhand in the tongue in cheek manner that is Bryan’s signature. As for them going for 3 michelin stars in west hollywood, thats what I find amusing.

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