Sitting on the mist-cooled patio of the Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the Wynn is probably one of the most convivial places in town to have dinner — even on a hot August night. The vibe is always one of energy and appreciation for the fine food and wine flowing all around you, and it always feels like one big party to us. We could do without the stupid light and music show that intrudes for five minutes out of every thirty, but the rubes and high rollers alike seem to love its music-meets-multi-media vibe, so we swallow hard and wait for the annoyance to pass.

Wes Holton’s food doesn’t hit the high notes like Philippe Rispoli’s used to, but the kitchen still turns out the best duck confit in town, and standards like steak frites, roasted chicken, and skate wing Americain will remind you why it’s a good thing that it was the French (as opposed to the Germans, English or Irish) who taught America how to cook.

They do their own charcuterie in-house here, and it is one of the reasons DBB is always worth a special trip. Another is Sommelier Jerome Delpuch, a French charmer who loves to recommend off-beat wines that go perfectly with the food at prices that won’t break your bank. The cheese selection is small, but superb.

Finally, for you budget-minded folks, the early-bird special (from 5:30 -7:00 PM every night) gets you three courses for $48. It’s a steal, especially when you consider that the world-famous DB Burger — the world’s first “gourmet” burger — is $32. That burger is stuffed with Boulud’s famously unctuous braised short ribs and foie gras, and is one fine cholesterol-fest.

┬áThe Official Number One Son of ELV (a true connoiseur of all pork and beef products), found only one fault with it: the staff cuts it in two to reveal all its inner meat goodness, but that makes it hard to eat in one piece; i.e. with your hands the way some people wish to devour their steer muscle. ELV prefers his burgers open-faced and makes them that way no matter how they’re served.

Upon hearing this complaint, ELV informed Number One Son that, consistent with every other disagreement they’ve ever had (over the Vietnam War, gun control, George W. Bush Jr., Weapons of Mass Destruction, laissez-faire economics, finishing his vegetables, cleaning up his room, and the Sino-Soviet Non-Agression Pact of 1937), he was wrong.

In the Wynn Hotel and Casino
3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109


  1. couldn’t agree more, so covivial that I didn’t mind a bit that my ‘restaurant week’ bill ended up twice what I expected – couldn’t resist sampling more of the regular menu. Wynn has been open 3 years ?? time to re-do those lake visuals. I feel I’m stuck in MTV circa 1989…

  2. hey, number 1 son can shut down your website at any time, so you had better be nice to him. :)

    Sincerely, the Webmaster.

  3. Can you get the DB burger anything beyond rare or medium rare, it seems every picture I’ve seen of that burger on Google image search or Flickr search it has a lot of pink to it. Not sure if this is a take it as we prepare it item?

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