You heard it here first – BURGERS AND HALF-BOTTLES coming

According to a very highly placed source at the Venetian, Thomas Keller will soon bring his Burgers and Half-Bottles concept (still not opened in Yountville, CA) to the Venetian. It will occupy the space formerly occupied by the gone-but-not-missed Lutece, and will have outdoor dining and pedestrian access directly off of Las Vegas Blvd South (i.e. The Strip). In these downscaled economic times, ELV thinks this is a wise move.

6 thoughts on “You heard it here first – BURGERS AND HALF-BOTTLES coming

  1. Awesome. I was in Yountville a couple of times last week and didn’t see Burgers and Half-Burgers. We did however go to Ad Hoc twice, once for dinner and once for brunch on Sunday. Both meals were delicious and fun.

  2. My sources tell me that B & 1/2 B’s hasn’t yet opened in Yountville…..will do so very soon – then we get the next one. very exciting to see what Keller doesn’t with burgers and how T. Keller’s stack up against H. Keller’s and L. Tourondel’s burgers!

  3. Coincidentally, Keller just received approval in Yountville to go ahead on his 20 room, ultra-luxe inn behind TFL. Burgers and Bottles is apparently being constructed as an add-on to the Ad Hoc structure. Apparently the once deemed temporary resto was so wildly popular that Chef Keller decided to keep it in the mix. Either way, so excited to see what is to come. If the Inn is anything akin to a dining experience at TFL, we are all in store for Keller’s mix of grace, style and elegance that gleams onto all of his projects.

  4. There was no construction going on at Ad Hoc as of last week, and it’s hard to envision where on the site any such structure would go. Indeed, Eater SF picked up John’s comment about the Vegas outpost and noted that the Yountville location appears to be in a state of flux, though it definitely isn’t going in at the Ad Hoc site:

    It’s definitely an exciting concept given the way Ad Hoc takes home-style cooking and elevates it to something really special. Even more exciting to think we might get it here in LV first.

    John, do you think this could be the next wave of celebrity restaurants in Vegas — places with big names, but (relatively) cheaper prices?

  5. Yes I do Carlo! Everyone is downscaling these days and haute cuisine chefs are no exception. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and thanks for the post!

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