All-Asian Sunday

It has not escaped ELV’s attention that whenever he posts anything about any Asian restaurant, the reader response is, at best, tepid. If we challenge any cheeseburger, pizza or pasta restaurant’s hegemony, comments fly at us like bad fish(!?). But let us proclaim some Korean or Thai restaurant to be fabulous or awful, and all we hear is crickets.

ELV has a theory* about this and it goes something like this: People are happy to judge and give opinions on food they are comfortable with, but steer them into foreign territory and they clam up for fear of being exposed as knowing too little to openly opine on what is good, bad or mediocre. And nothing is more foreign to the American palate (even after decades of assimilation) than Asian cuisines. Truth be told, most people don’t know anything more about what goes into a proper lasagna Bolognese than they do a jajangmyeon, but they feel more familiar with the language of one, so avoid trying (or opining about) the tastes of  the other.

Which is sad, really, since Asian food is the second best thing about eating in Las Vegas — the first if you consider bang for the buck. So what you ought to be doing is eating in all of these places — for health and economic reasons — enough to go toe to toe with us on what you like and why you like it. To encourage such adventurous eating, we hereby proclaim this All-Asian Sunday — where we will condense and edify about where we’ve had some of our more magnificent cheap eats over the previous week. If the response is good, maybe we’ll do it every Sunday. Regardless, after three days of turkey, ‘taters and dressing…what could be better?

First, let’s start with Bosa 1:

[nggallery id=1462]

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