EATING LAS VEGAS – The 50 Essential Restaurants – 14. SAGE

14. SAGE

I’d like Sage a whole lot more if it weren’t so hideously expensive. Everything on the main dish menu — meats, fishes and pastas….yes, pastas — tops the forty dollar mark, which means you’ll top a buck fifty a head here without breaking a sweat.

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Desert Companion’s Best of Vegas


Best tapas (in a town suddenly filled with tapas): Julian Serrano

Best bread: Joel Robuchon (Note to “Mad Man” Mancini (who wrote the entry): Our staff thinks it’s a toss up between JR and Guy Savoy.)

Best dessert: Canneles de Bordeaux at SAGE (Unpleasant update: Shawn McClain informed us last night (2.4.11), that canneles were no longer on the menu, and Lura Poland was no longer with the restaurant.) ;-(

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