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Will GLUTTON Satisfy?

ELV note: We temporarily halt our regularly scheduled programming (i.e. a tour through the izakayas of Las Vegas) to bring you this special announcement (more like a brief rumination on the state of downtown dining):


1. an excessively greedy eater

Synonyms: gourmand, overeater, big eater, gorger, gobbler, pig, chowhound.

Nouns:  gluttony, gluttonousness, hoggishness, crapulence, greed, greediness, voracity, rapacity, edacity.

Verbs: be gluttonous, gourmandize, gorge, overeat, engorge, cram, stuff, fill, guzzle, gobble, devour, gobble up; eat like a horse, eat out of house and home.

Adjectives: hungry, voracious, edacious, omnivorous, crapulent, swinish, gorged, overfed, insatiable.


In terms of unappetizing names for a restaurant, “Glutton” ranks somewhere between “overeater” and “crapulence” on ELV’s scale of distasteful monikers.

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