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Thanksgiving Most Fowl on Wake Up With the CW

On today’s Wake Up With the CW, Krystal Allen and I peruse the poultry from Village Meat & Wine (along with a rib eye of camel!?!), as she gooses me into revealing my plans for a “Thanksgiving Most Fowl”  this coming Thursday.

(For the record, ELV resisted mightily the urge to make a camel-toe joke to Krystal or Kim Wagner during the live broadcast. But we were thinking about. Oh yes we were.)

The actual name for the Thanksgiving feast being planned at the ELV kitchen is “Thanksgiving Confit-dential,” as we plan on serving confit of both canard and oie to our usual guests.

With any luck, camel toe will be also be on the menu.


5025 South Eastern Ave. Suite #23

Las Vegas, NV89119


EMERIL the Unforgiven

I’ll never forget the day the music died. The day the magic left. The day I realized that great food, restaurants and chefs in Vegas was just a big p.r. game, being played to the hilt by our big hotels. The day I realized that it was no longer about the food, it was all about celebrities shilling for that food.

Unfortunately, it was Emeril Lagasse — the man who put the “celebrity” in “chef” — who taught me that lesson. For it was Emeril who first seduced and then disappointed me, and therein lies a cautionary tale that I have yet to tell until now.

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Gen-san Dreams of Sushi

Eating Las Vegas doesn’t like to brag (well, actually, we do like to brag), but we foretold our current sushi revolution over three years ago.

That’s when Kabuto opened up next door to Raku and, almost overnight, validated our prediction that down-market, mayonnaise-laden, all-you-can eat sushi bars were about to become the Long John Silver’s of uncooked fish.

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