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PUBLICUS is Open and Baking “For the People”

ELV note: Several of our loyal readers went by PublicUs today for lunch and found the place closed. Apparently a power outage forced a closure of the premises this morning and, as of his writing, the restaurant/bakery has yet to re-open. We at ELV shall keep you informed.

PublicUs means “For the People” in Latin.

PublicUs — the restaurant — means there’s another good place to eat in downtown Las Vegas. Hashtag: #DTLVEats.

PublicUs — the restaurant — is also a bakery. A bakery that’s baking its ass off like downtown Vegas has never seen before.

PublicUs opened its doors for the very first time at 7:00 am this morning. We were customer #3.

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Dining Out Etiquette – The ELV Way

Ever since the Millennials became the inmates running the asylum, we at ELV have noticed a decided drop in manners, dress, etiquette and general good behavior in the restaurants of Las Vegas. (To be fair: things have been improving lately, with youngsters and boomers alike showing a certain respect for looking and acting their best. Witness the crowds at Carson Kitchen or Bardot Brasserie any night of the week.)

Nevertheless, it seemed a good time to go through some of our essential, restaurant rules of the road, if you will, and remind our loyal readers why good behavior generally insures a great time.

At Eating Las Vegas, we never:

– Shout or wave money to get a bartender’s attention.

– Wear shorts anywhere but the beach or beside a pool (such as at our palatial manse).

– Show up drunk for dinner.

– Show up drunk anywhere. (It is perfectly okay to get drunk at dinner – or the watering hole of your choice – but arriving in that state is bad form.)

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