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Havin’ a Hankerin’ fer HEARTHSTONE

Hearthstone is very zeitgeist-y. This is neither a compliment nor an insult, just a statement of fact.

Everything about its menu is designed to appeal to those who know just enough about food to want something better than Claim Jumper and Panera, but not so snooty, well-heeled and demanding that they are willing to spend $200+ dinner for the really good stuff. In this respect, it is very much like the newly opened Therapy: an amalgam of middle-brow, consumer-friendly signifiers (pizzas, small plates, pastas, burgers, etc. etc.), all designed and executed by good chefs, not a bunch of accountants.

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NOW You Know Why Every Restaurant in Vegas Wants to be a Steakhouse

ELV note: One of our “friends in food” (and high finance) forwarded this tidbit to us from the quarterly SEC reporting of a publicly traded company. Read it closely (preferably with a real estate attorney/accountant by your side) and you’ll get a feel for just how much $$$ these food factories rake in on a monthly basis. FYI: the “third party” mentioned in the first sentence is The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino:

“In January 2010, STK Vegas entered into a management agreement with a third party for a term of 10 years, with two five-year option periods. Continue reading

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