(End of) Summer Dish Review – Tacos y Frijoles at EL SOMBRERO

6 thoughts on “(End of) Summer Dish Review – Tacos y Frijoles at EL SOMBRERO

  1. Perhaps the ee-dee-ots are the purveyors of this establishment. As a loyal fan of your column, we were walking by the “new” El Sombrero around 5:30 on first Friday (Labor Day Weekend). They were totally empty, we were hungry, I was aware of their new upscale image and quality of food. Party of 7 including 3 well behaved kids. My wife to the lone man standing in the dining room “anything that the kids can eat?”. Response “No Senora, no kids menu”… Being a life long hospitality guy and fan of Mexican fate, I’m waiting for the “C’mon in, we’ll figure out something for the kids to eat”… Empty restaurant… group with kids in a restaurant that size makes the place look energized. My kids love Mexican cuisine as long as its not spicy… slap ’em together a couple of quesadillas, get me for full price food and drink… turn the table in 45 minutes (before the old snobs show up… my kids know how to behave in a restaurant), everyone is happy. Crickets… “Ok, perhaps the wife and I will come back one day without the kids”(if you’re still around). Walked the extra 5 minutes to Casa don Juan… passable bistec, burritos, margaritas, and quesadillas… table turned in 45 minutes… $150 bucks in Don Juan’s pocket that’s didn’t go to the sombrero (would’ve been more at El Sombrero but we weren’t price sensitive)

  2. Jack,

    If your kids are well behaved, and love Mexican cuisine, there should have been no need to ask your quest at all. And there should have been no need for a kids’ menu in that case. I think your question should have been “Can you make dishes mild?” Spice can be adjusted, whether it’s for an adult or a child.

  3. ELV responds: We don’t spend much time on customer service anymore, simply because we are so well known to so many establishments. Dining with kids hasn’t been our thing for almost 20 years, so we REALLY are not sensitive to those issues.
    That said, you probably should’ve just gone in and sat down, just as the staff should have made you feel welcome from your first peek in the door.

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